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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Temptations too strong to resist: part 1

The two things that can get the male crew into deep trouble are greed and lust. By greed, I mean the unauthorised removal of aircraft property (off loading) and lust, the outraging or molest of stewardesses.

Stewardesses do off load aircraft stuff but usually small or cheaper items like mineral water, fruit juices (for outstation consumption) and amenities. They do not steal liquor like their male colleagues and so the customs do not apprehend them.

The temptation of stealing liquor (includes wines,champagne and beer) is always there because liquor is expensive and could either be sold at outstations for a profit or for personal consumption. 

At London Selfridges, a bottle of Dom Perignon cost S$284 upwards. One may sell a bottle of Dom for $100 at a restaurant or PUB. Dom is served in the first class. At any one time, there will be at least 6 to 8 bottles of Dom on each flight (depending on the aircraft type).
Johnnie Walker Black Label at Selfridges cost S$ 95. Its cousin the Blue Label is more expensive at S$ 420. Restaurants and PUBs will take from the crew for a third of the retail price.

One may ask how the crew account for the missing bottles in the aircraft bar carts? Easy answer...the crew will write off the bottles as "consumed" by the passengers.

At the Australian ports where the crew nightstop, each crew is allowed to bring in a full bottle of liquor or wines. So you can imagine on a A380 whereby the number of cabin crew is 23, 23 bottles of wines,champagne and liquor could be siphoned off. This scenario is unlikely to happen as not all crew would want to steal the aircraft stuff. However, as far as I know a whole set of B747 crew numbered 18 were coerced by the IFS to off-load 18 bottles of champagne and liquor at Melbourne sometime ago.

There was a case whereby a chief steward was caught by the authorities at Bangkok Don Muang Airport many years ago. He stole around 5 bottles of whisky, brandy, champagne and wines from the aircraft bar to sell them to a retailer. 

to be continued....

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