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Monday, June 22, 2015

Temptations too strong to resist: part 3...the stewardesses

Many guys got the boot because of the stewardesses. It wasn't the fault of the girls but the tight figure hugging sarong kebaya was the culprit. Some of the stewardesses had sexy figure and the kebaya enhanced them even more. Seeing them bending down in the galley to pick up something a hot blooded young man (even the old ones did) may not be able resist the temptation to "accidentally" touch their butts. The urge to "unintentionally" brush against their breasts in the small confine of the galleys was always there.
So what's next? The natural thing to do was for the stewards to invite their female colleagues to their hotel rooms during the nightstop. Invite them for a drink or whatever but all for the intention of molesting them. Once the girls get tipsy, the predators would pounced on their victims. Some of the girls were raped and others molested.
I won't say many but a few of the girls would report the matter to the office. Many would remain mum and let the matter rest. Reporting their male colleagues would bring shame to both parties. Besides, the victims would not want their boyfriends to know that their beloved stewardess girlfriends had been molested or raped.

I had a sexy looking stewardess under my charge who was raped by her senior male crew at outstation. It happened after a night of heavy drinking in one of the rooms. Later when the stewardess wanted to return to her room, the senior male crew volunteered to escort her. That's when the rape took place. The victim did not want to make the matter official but wanted the office to blacklist the male crew. She told the office she did not want her boyfriend to know about the incidence.

Not too long ago, two IFS were dismissed because of molest. These two were in their late 50s. Not only were they sacked but lost their retirement gratuity of $50,000.

There were many other cases of molest but the above would suffice for now.


Anonymous said...

John L was sacked not bcos of the Fss right?

Old Timer knows said...

John was kicked out due a female pax complained him of
molesting her

octopuss ling said...

Not all cases are due to lust.

Some were created by the "alleged victim" to
get the seniors into trouble.
It may have started with sexual innuendos and may
not have been physical at all.

Difficult to defend as a male crew
The FSS would get away with it because all the
investigation is done in-house with interviews
conducted by female management staff.

An allegation of use of verbal sexual content would
fall under sexual harassment. Using F_ _K once is enough.
And the male crew will pay a heavy price.

Even if the evidence exonerated him, all eyes will be
on him ( management's ). Sneeze & cough at the wrong time and
its curtains. In fact, management uses these episodes as an
opportunity to cull the number of crew.
It presents a golden opportunity to lower the numbers without
going through retrenchment, paying compensation etc.

And the union is completely impotent.


Be gay...( just appear to be so ) it may save you your job.
and treat crew as though you are in a convent.

Li Ah Peng said...

Octopuss you are one darn funny guy lol

Anonymous said...

Aiyo...act gay,the girls will hiao with you and trying to "convert" you but be carefull many arseholes bandits around sure you don't bend down in the galley!