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Sunday, June 14, 2015

These 2 do not believe what I wrote is correct .

June 14, 2015

Hey BT, Where did you get the info that crew can wear the mask onboard?? There is no circular nor email pertaining to this issue at all!! They only state that you can collect N95 mask if you are travelling to the affected country (Maybe for outstation use):

(N95 masks are available on request at CC Control for crew who are operating to the affected countries.)

Thats all they publish.I read the publication few times but NEVER SAY CAN WEAR ONBOARD .I dont know where you can the info from or which joker sent you an erroneous message pertaining to this issue..You think IFS will dare put their head on the chopping board and allow crew to use onboard when everyone in the company just keep mum and pray nothing happens? Even PM says it will hit our shore sooner or later! This company will react only if crew caught the virus onboard and not be pro active to prevent it cos everything about Image, Service.. (Maybe they should just remove the welfare part from the core values.) .And HEART PARTY, this is the time you stand up and fight for the crew well being!! This is not funny especially when CC are flying to the affected country in an enclosed environment and the company is still not doing anything to protect the crew..Seriously, there is no way for you to identify a carrier of the virus.Even thermal screening is not 100% effective and even when one is detected, he or she would have been in contact with so many others in the aircraft...

June 14, 2015
No black and white .Talk is cheap..If it's true,how come nothing is being published especially it concerns the well being of CC? I suggest you do not misled the mass ..

All because of this article

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The ifs on his/her own discretion let them wear?