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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

These retired IFS are luckier

While many retired Inflight Supervisors or IFS as we call them are either driving taxis, be security guards or just hang around at home looking after grand kids, I met a few who are better off.
Just last 2 weeks, I met 2 IFS who are well off in terms of finance and do not have to resort to working low paid and tedious jobs.
Both drove me around and have meals with me (on different days) and chatted about old times. Guess what types of car they were driving? BMW 5 series and both looked quite new. Each of those cars cost about 220k.
One of them owns a restaurant and from our conversation, he is making at least 15k a month. The other one does not work. Both live in private housing.
There was another IFS who sold his house a few years ago for 3.2 million bucks. He bought an apartment for 1.5 million for his wife and himself to live in. He is flush with cash. He does not work at all. We meet once in about 2 months to have a drink.


Anonymous said...

Restaurant business is tough. HKG st family standards have dropped too.
Half the time the BM is parked and not used. People need to let others know that they have
cash to burn. You cant walk around hanging half a million OCBC shares round your neck... nobody knows what that is!

In life, we all need to find meaning.

If we have tons of money, we dont need to work to live.. but we need to find meaning.
House fully paid, kids grown up, have car, have money, have maid, have club membership,have dog, have holidays, have health, have spouse.

Life is funny... with all that and someone, will have cancer, kidney problems, diabetic...
How about FMT?

Anonymous said...

An ifs average about 30 yrs with sia. If they are frugal they would have at least saved $1 million by the time they retired. If they invest in properties during their early days they would have owned a $3 million property. Sadly, most were not frugal and or investment prone so these ifs end up with nothing much when they retire.

Anonymous said...

I know of one faggot who has plenty of $$$ but does not own a car. He rely on another retired crew for his transportation.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He has cancer,right?

Anonymous said...

We need to live wisely and to be thrifty. The late LKY was very frugal. His house at Oxley Road speaks volumes. Modest, preserved and bearing the hallmarks of a decent home, almost the entire house was maintained in tis original condition. He knew the value of reliable structure and good concrete. Wisdom comes with age.

Anonymous said...

Dont be fooled by media which is subservient.
They allow you to see what they want you to see... & hear.

Always ask a deeper question:

"What is the intent in allowing me to see this?
Particularly when the person had been very private "

Unlike SQ... they just do as they please.
Their intent is extremely clear:

"Labour ( staff ) is just a factor of production
the cheaper the better... and without having to pay
for benefits, training etc "

"loyalty? ... its a word that does not exist"