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Monday, June 29, 2015

What pilots do after leaving the airlines or during retirement

Most pilots will retire eventually perhaps at age 55 or older,depending on the airlines they work for. Unlike cabin crew, few will get the boot during their flying career. Seldom would a pilot be sacked due to theft (unauthorised removal of airlines' properties) or molest of stewardesses etc. To get a pilot sacked, the "crime" must be so serious enough that it involves the safety and lives of passengers.
For petty discipline problems pilots won't get the sack because it takes hundred of thousands of dollars to train them. By the time the guy becomes a captain, the airlines may have spend a $1 million on him. Therefore, pilots would be easily forgiven for mischiefs or petty issues.

Let examine what happens if a pilot leaves the airlines, either through retirement or dismissal.

Firstly, by the time a pilot retires he would be holding the rank of a captain or a senior first officer.
In his working life, he would have saved enough to retire and not seek a second career or job. But if wants to continue working after his retirement, he may not have many options. The reason is, a pilot knows only how to fly the planes. He does not have any other working experience. Actually, a pilot is in the same boat as a cabin crew.

There were 2 captains and a few co-pilots whom I knew became cab drivers after leaving the airline.
There were others who ventured into businesses but few succeeded. One retired captain started a freighter service with an aircraft. The business went bust after a year or so.

For many, not just pilots, cabin crew, dentists, doctors etc after leaving their so-called profession or trade could be employed in other fields that pay them well. But for a generalist like a manager who has a degree and with many years of experience in HR or managing people in a big company, he would stand a better chance getting a suitable job after leaving his company.

Look at our retired SVPs. I can name a few cabin crew SVPs who are now gainfully employed. One is a CEO of a water resource company, 2 were consultants to some airlines and another one is a director of an education company.  These fellows' work experiences are in great demand.

Therefore, cabin crew should take comfort in that they are not the only ones whose experiences are not sought after leaving the airlines.


Anonymous said...

BT 1 capt left for PER and became a taxi driver but he later on
studied and became a uni lecturer right?

Boh Tong said...

Ya la u must be a lau cheow to know this lol

Pilot said...

That's the problem with cabin crews especially the old ones. They really think they know everything....... They actually know what is the career options and path of a pilot..... Hmm. Since you guys all know so much, why weren't you pilots all these years?? Oh ya, I forgot, you love to serve ....

Anonymous said...

They are not pilots cos they cmi la. But they think they know a lot abt pilot and what cc mgt think. Balls to them lor

Pilot said...

Some of the young LS also think they know everything .... Flying is so easy. Why company pay so much for these pilots? I always tell them, why don't you try to apply to be Tech crew? Maybe budget airlines? See if you can even get called up for an Initeview?

Anonymous said...

If monkeys can be trained to fly test flights in space shuttle to moon, i dont see whats so difficult abt flying a plane. With proper training, anybody can do any job. Most people fail to get into the job of their choices is due to many other factors. In the case of pilot, it is the perceived glam and high pay and hence airlines set a high criteria of requirements for potential candidates. If the pilot pay is jus $2k per mth, i think there wont be many applicants and it will lead to lowering of requirements. If a road sweeper pays $13k a mth, i am sure many people suddenly will claim they have a passion for cleanliness and its in their blood to sweep. Thus, please dont say pilot is a v difficult job when monkeys can be train to fly space shuttles. Pilots hardly contribute to anything except sit down in cockpit and cho bo lan. Yet they get a fat pay. I respect teachers and doctors and even other so called blue collar jobs more than i respect a pilot.

Real said...

When Anonymous post dribble like the above - it only shows how ignorant and uneducated he/she is.
It is glaringly obvious there is a huge amount of jealousy behind his sentiment of Pilots.
If a Pilots job is NOT difficult- then the Job of a Cabin crew is????- If a Pilot contributes NOTHING - then i wonder what does a Cabin crew contribute.

When your safety is compromised in an Aircraft lets see what you have to say about PILOTS then. There are surely WORTH every dollar they are PAID.

5 bar FO said...

We would love all pilots if...

the cockpit have a toilet
the cockpit have a drinks vending machine
the cockpit have a hot food vending machine
the cockpit have a fresh fruit vending machine
the cockpit have a dry towel dispenser
the cockpit have a rubbish compactor
the cockpit have a newspaper/magazine vending machine
the cockpit have a bunk


that the pilot checks that all these machines are fully loaded
the bunk is supplied with blankets, pillows,sheets, clothes hangers, sockets, eye shades, ear plugs.


we love all pilots... big, fat, thin, gay, ugly, handsome... does not matter.
Nothing to do with how difficult it is to get an interview, O or A levels.

real said...

5 Bar FO .

The Pilots DO NOT need your LOVE.

Just that you do your JOB - as in all the things you need to do- and know you place in the scheme of things.

The Pilots are 1st in Command and 2nd in Command. Never forget that.

Anonymous said...

For your information the job of CC is to check on the Pilot every 45 mins, make sure they do not fall asleep or pass out and not serving them drink every 45mins. Other then serving them their entitled meals, report for cabin ready, stand in for their toilet breaks and clear announcement CC are not require to have any other interaction with them unless emergency or flight pertaining matters. That's their job, drinks, snacks newspaper, magazine etc are all done on good will and CC can reject the above request but the Pilots are always welcome to come out and help themselves. They are in Command but are also working crew and not passengers, don't forget that. The only time CC serve them is to deliver their food and collect it bk from them.

real said...

Well Done !! You Finally get it. Bravo !.

Do your job - serve/ clean/ greet/ say thank/ smile/ clear trays/ clean toilets you etc etc . - . No one is diminishing your job duties nor mocking them.
So when you attack the Pilots duties and diminish their role in " commanding an aircraft " - then you do a dis service to yourself and all the other cabin crew.

Stop hating and its time to remove that chip on your shoulder.

So you could not get into Tech CRew- so? - try again rather than let the Cancer of Jealousy affect your opinions of our top class tech crew .

Anonymous said...

Command er... wahaha

Anonymous said...


Yeah, rite.
I command you to bring me fruits
I command you to bring me drinks
I command you to ....
When there are issues with pax...
suddenly... cannot command..
"refer to your division's guidelines" leh
when there are issues with hotel rooms..
suddenly... cannot command..
"refer to advice from station manager" leh

Ok, ok... not tech crew fault..
Its management's devious way to split, divide and
here is the real truth... command both tech & cabin crew!

meanhwile back at SIASU's offices at Airline House..
laughter can be heard from inside...

"ha! ha! ha!ha!... and they actually pay us subscription!!??.... ha! ha! ha!..."

Anonymous said...

Not forgeting SQ6. First to take cover. Command er. Command lan.

real l said...

Jealousy Jealousy TSK TSK :)

Sorry to say but if you bring up SQ 6 then you are really a worthless individual - IGNORAMUS MAXIMUS.

Anonymous said...

If dont bring up SQ6, you guys are probably ashame and still living in self denial.