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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Food for thought

BT: For those supposedly SQ cabin crew who had left "mean" and "thoughtless" comments in this blog you may wanna read what this ex flight attendant from a major airline has to say.

"I noticed many comments on this page is very mean and thoughtless. Why would you say something like that about your own colleague? I flew 17 yrs for a major airline before and when a misfortune happened to one of us back then, we never fail to give our empathy or to go pay them a visit (even if we have never flown with them). I am not saying all SQ crew are like that but obviously many that comment on the site are. No matter how tough the going gets, no reason to vent hatred on each other. If we think crew lives are miserable, perhaps we should take a good look around and see the real meaning of suffering. I wish everyone safe travels and happy days ahead!" 


Anonymous said...

Bottom line is there's no sense of brotherhood or sisterhood among CC's in SQ. Its every1 for themselves. In front the smile behind your back they back stab, its life in its natural order. SQ today isnt what it was back in the old days when one is down every1 is there to give a helping hand, in today's crew one is down you figure it how to help yourself.
Who is to blame for todays CC to be like this, is the:-
1) environment
2) the society we are in
3) SIA management
4) our families
5) our seniors
etc WHO?
There are good number of CC's who are there earnestly to give a helping hand it just that they are overshadowed by those who rather hate one another.

Anonymous said...

Bloody shame on you SQ flight attendants!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Low lifes are what is possibly the kindest words to describe crew

Anonymous said...

Never amaze me how many crew haters there are here, what traumatic experience did they suffered from the crew? Is it a childhood thing ? This blog site has degraded into a Crew hater site. Not all crew are low life some have high life just in case you don't know. Never generalise a group of people as a whole, human are all individuals that are shape differently from the upbringing and experiences that they gone through in their life. Just like those crew basher.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Not only are there no sense of sisterhood or brotherhood amongst flight attendants, there are also lots of hatred in the flight attendants' office. They stab one another just to get a promotion. That is why most crew do not want to go to the office, as far as possible. Of course there are good ones too. But like the crew, they are overshadowed by the bad ones who put up a false front. There is one very popular figure in the office which people hate so much. Any guess??? Office staff would not have a problem answering this.

Tips: Whenever we have a celebration, this staff will be queueing up to tapau food..yesterday also tapau... Pathetic..

assassin for hire..... said...

Oh, crew used to be very helpful and co-operative.
When they were absent from the hotel's lobby a few minutes before pick up time,
we would volunteer to check on them by knocking and ringing their rooms.

When they were late to board the aircraft we would cover their duties

When crew had disputes among themselves, we would talk it over after the flight
When crew had loved ones travelling on the same flight as passengers we would "re-position"
them into another cabin.
When crew travelled as passengers, we would give them sockets, eyeshade, bottles of mineral water from P or J class.. and fresh fruit too.
When crew fell sick outstations, we would visit them and hand them newspapers from home.
When crew got into trouble with other hotel guests, we would intervene to resolve matters
When crew damaged hotel property we would try our best to resolve it with hotel managers.

None of these incidents was ever reported or recorded on voyage reports.

What changed?

Well, those crew who were once upon a time drunk, mischievous are now sitting like gods at STC. They know every intimate detail of how we covered and stood for our kind... and they wanted to demonstrate to their boss that they know how to stop it.

They created a culture of: assassins, snipers, tell-tales.
What are we to do now?
The natural response would be to cover your own arse.

Every tiny little incident can be exploited..
-use the F word and its sexual harassment.
-deviate from standard procedures and its reported
-every word a senior says is quoted,
-every action a senior do is scrutinised.

Its a culture of mistrust, and hate.
It has grown very deep roots... and will take a very bold manager to undo.
And there is no manager in SQ that has that quality.

Just do your flights & go home and sleep.

Anonymous said...

CC should support one another

Anonymous said...

@ assassin for hire

What u said is true, my senior once said this to me about the higher up at stc they are whats in a malay proverb "kacang lupakan kulit" meaning
" the peanut forgeting its shell"
They forget who they were once upon a time
They forgot what they did
They forgot who helped them when in need
They forgot the people who were there for them.
They forgot their roots.

PUI !!!! They are worst back stabers no different from the once who do genocide on innocent lives.

Anonymous said...

What happrned to the cabin crew pledge?

Anonymous said...

More idiots are waiting in line to get promoted to IA
and later to CCE.

They think they can "change the world"
They think their ideas will be accepted
They think that as CCE they can meet Inflight services and "improve"
the offerings to premium class.
They dont realise that at such meetings... CCE from cabin crew are
supposed to sit, and remain silent.
In fact they have to work their butt off to accommodate other department wishes.

CCE in crew division are just for the purpose of maintaining standards & discipline.
They are prefects with ties.

Other division view CCE in crew division as a bunch of idiots... cant write, cant talk
cant present, cant analyse, cant interpret statistics too. But know how to act... yaya-pa-paya

Anonymous said...

Executives are just small fries in MNC probably a rank higher than coordinators.
Yet in cabin crew, you people fear and regard them as God huh?
Pathetic bunch of people