Monday, July 27, 2015

Backbreaking Job

A true story contributed by a stewardess:

"When Amy recounted this story, she had lost confidence in herself and was forlorn.
She lifted the hem of her blouse to expose a back support corset she had to wear for most hours of the day.
Here's how she ended up in this predicament...

Amy was a probationary stewardess due to work aboard her first Mumbai flight.  She was filled with trepidation caused by the negative stories recounted by senior crew about Indian flights.  Yet, she was eager to please for the sake of scoring brownie points to aid her progression to become a full-fledged stewardess.

During priority boarding of special needs passengers, Amy enthusiastically offered to assist a mother travelling alone with her infant to stow a carry-on luggage into the overhead compartment.  When she lifted the luggage overhead, its weight was to heavy for her to bear and she felt a crack on her lower back.  A sharp pain spread but she pressed on to Mumbai.  When the crew arrived at their designated hotel, Amy went straight to her room.  She thought that rest would be the remedy for her aching back.  She steeled herself to complete the flight pattern, lest her probation gets affected.

After one day's rest at home in Singapore, Amy's back was still painful.  She ignored the pain to go on a flight to Shanghai.    During the flight, the pain became unbearable.  Upon checking into the crew hotel, Amy finally confided in the flight's female IFS.  She immediately arranged for Amy to seek treatment in a Shanghai hospital.  After basic examination, Amy was diagnosed with a slipped disc in her lower back.  She choose to be immediately repatriated to Singapore for treatment.

The airline's appointed hospital confirmed the slipped disc diagnosis.  Amy had to use the appointed hospital for her treatment and physiotherapy in order for the airline to pay her medical bill.  She was given a 6 month-long medical leave to recuperate.  At the end of her medial leave, she returned to work despite feeling discomfort while carrying out her duties.  Reluctantly, Amy forked out a high five-figure sum for her own chiropractic treatment.  When her probation was up for review, Amy's ward leaders decided to extend it due to her long absence from work."

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