Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cabin crew promotions in the early years

Anonymous said...

Wow. 4 years frm 1969 to 1973 u jumped from being a leading steward to ifs? Champs....

The above was a comment from this post.

I joined MSA (SIA's predecessor) in 1968 as a flight steward,promoted to leading steward in 1969, chief steward in 1972, inflight supervisor (formerly known as senior chief steward) in 1973 and check steward in 1975 (retitled cce or cabin crew executive in 1981).

There were other cabin crew who were promoted faster than myself. In fact,some of my seniors received multiple promotions, examples: stewardesses to check stewardesses ( Dorothy, Doreen, Shirley and other ladies), leading stewards to check stewards ( Cryril, John, Willie, Peter, Albert and others).

In the early days, the airline was expanding like crazy and so it did not have much choice but to promote us. The airline did not employ experienced foreigners to fly as cabin crew. As for the technical department,it had to employ experienced expatriate captains (one can't just promote an inexperienced and unqualified co-pilot to be a captain right?).

I was one of the lucky ones to have benefited from joining a new,young and fast expanding airline.

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