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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Crew accommodation in London

For more than 30 years, Gloucester Hotel was a hotel both for the pilots and cabin crew during their stay in London. Now the crew has moved to a 5-star hotel which I will not named due safety reason in the heart of busy London.
This new hotel allows the chief stewards/stewardesses and the IFS free access to its executive lounge. These senior crew are also entitled to free breakfast during their stay in London. In all the crew rooms there are free Wi-Fi.
Gloucester Hotel did not extend the above perks to the crew and because of that plus the high room rates the airline decided on the move.

Note: The hotel committee consists of unionists and management people. They will source for hotels based on the following criterion:

  • The hotel must be located in a safe place
  • The hotel rates must be reasonable
  • There should be amenities nearby eg: eateries, supermarkets etc
  • Any other reasons .....


Anonymous said...

Hotels around the world dont like and dont welcome screw. Hence there is no love lost from Gloucester. Refusal to extend perks and lower prices is the best way to rid those scums and vermins.

Anonymous said...

Some of the lj thingys screw love to do in hotel overseas:
1. Ta pao peasant food and eat in room,
2. Cooking curry and claypot rice in room,
3. Organising drinking and fxxking sessions in room,
4. Stealing items from room,
5. Calling hotel staff to reheat their home brought food,
6. Asking hotel to stow their bloody food brought from supermkt in freezer instead of the mini fridge in room,
7. Watch porno pay tv and refuse to pay
8. Going down for foc breakfast in their pajamas
9. Drinking and eating non stop in the executive lounge. Baiscally parking there and spending more time than in their own room
10. Pulling chairs and tables in the restaurants to form a gang while ignoring the stares of other guests
11. First to come down for breakfast but last to leave. Keep talking and yakking non stop about company policys and union and rosters.
12. Keep asking hotel to replenish the bottled water in their room when entitlement is only 2 per day.
There are many other lj things cabin crew do in overseas hotel. Please feel free to add on.

Anonymous said...

13. Requesting to change rooms next to kakis or female crew
14. Playing loud music or cards in their rooms
15. Asking for free shuttles even though hotel doesnt provide any
16. Keep forgetting key cards in room
17. Asking for free wifi code in room or hanging around lobby for free wifi to skype bfs/gfs back home or check their facebook
18. Keep asking reception who the next set of crew checking in the hotel.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like these comments are written by the same person. Could be from MGT or a crew who is versatile and knowledgeable also widely travelled. It is not only in SIA CC but other airline crew as well.