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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Had I joined Saber Air

How many have heard of Saber Air of Singapore? Perhaps many were not around yet at the time Saber started its operation in Singapore. It was founded in 1966 and started operating as an airline in 1969. Saber was owned by the Singapore Government.
I knew about Saber because I went for an interview to be its senior steward in 1969. At that time I was a leading steward with MSA (Malaysia Singapore Airlines). Saber wanted to employ me but the pay was $75 less than what I was getting from MSA. I asked for the same pay as MSA but Saber management refused and so I did not join Saber. Instead, Ivan Seah another steward from MSA joined Saber. I remember Albert Tay our check steward joined Saber as its cabin crew training manager.
Sadly, in 1973 Saber ceased operation. Albert, Ivan and others were retrenched. Ivan joined SATS as its catering officer and Albert went on and started a Thai food restaurant in Singapore.
In the same year (1973) when Saber ceased operation, I was promoted to the position of inflight supervisor with SIA.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. 4 years frm 1969 to 1973 u jumped from being a leading steward to ifs? Champs....

Anonymous said...

BT was not the only one to be promoted rapidly in the old days. There were stewards under 6 month flying were already promoted to leading stewards. BT joined in early 1968 so it was not unusual in 5 years be promoted to ifs. If i am not mistaken he was in the first batch of ifs then known as senior chief stewards.

Anonymous said...

Yes, in the good old days, promotions came fast & furious.
Cant go wrong... unless you were caught doing naughty things... but even then
some got away with just a slap on the wrist.

Some of these people are still in CC working as CCE, AM.
If you dig deep enough you will find the dirt... and not only
that.. the incompetence too.

People talk so much about experience from many years of working.
Well, the experience is definitely valuable.. but question is:
to whom is it valuable?

Confined to cabin crew service, uniform turn-out, availability of newspapers ( big thing in the old days..) what experience are we referring to?

Anonymous said...

It is the experience that have made SIA a top airline that have collected numerous awards. The flaw lies in the culture of employers who are not prepared to hire ex-employees with grey hair. It is more economical to hire foreign labour.