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Sunday, July 5, 2015

How I cope with my sleeping pattern flying into different time zone

Sleep is one very important part of our lives. Without sufficient sleep one may feel drowsy, irritated, have headaches and in extreme cases may even cause accidents when one drives.
Flying as a crew on long and overnight sectors is a challenge. Night flying that involves different time zones are unhealthy and doing it over a long period of time may harm one's health.

SIA used to have non stop flights from SIN to LAX (SQ 20) vv. The flight used to leave SIN at 4 pm and arrived 4 pm in LAX on the same day ( 16 hour flight time). The 16 hour time difference between SIN and LAX posed a challenge for the crew both mentally and physically.

When the crew got into LAX, their sleeping pattern would have been screwed up.
Why? It's because 4 pm in LAX means 8 am in SIN on the next day.

So what happened if your body can't adjust to LAX local time? As for some of us, swallowing a Melatonin supplement helped control the natural cycle of sleeping and waking hours.
At times, I will resort to taking a sedative or sleeping tablet known as Dormicum (10 mg). I personally prefer the latter as I could sleep like a log.

To some other crew, drinking alcohol may help adjust their sleeping pattern.

Above is just one example of a long overnight flight which may posed a challenge to the cabin crew
overall health.

Note: Since I have left the airlines, I no longer need to take the Melatonin supplement or Dormicum.

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