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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

" Make hay while the sun shines "

Hi BT,

The inability to get a job after 40 is not only a phenomenon associated with CC. I have a friend,a IT manager who possesses a degree in Computer Science, who was axed in 2006 due to his company restructuring.
Until then,he was living it up with his secretary wife viz driving a Lexus,employing a Filipino helper,Laguna Country Club golf membership,annual vacation with family to exotic places and duty travel in business class and a PPS pax with our Airline.
After his retrenchment,my friend could not get a job in a related field as he was then 45 years old and despite asking for only half of what he was originally earning
nobody wanted to employ him.
His former colleagues who were in their 40s and were also axed,did not fare as well.
They ended up becoming cab drivers,property agents or simply unemployed.
Today,my friend is still unemployed.
He is fortunate as his wife could sustain him and his family as she became a secretarial manager.
Obviously,he had to give up his Country Club membership and his Lexus.
So you see,in today's context,when you are above 40 your chances of snagging a well paying job is kind of slim, degree holder notwithstanding.
The employment landscape in Singapore has changed with the influx of FT so my advice to senior CC is to,"make hay while the sun shines"and treasure your job while you still have it.
It is a tough world out there after 40.
Peace to all. 

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