Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Onboard Injury

Another story by a cabin crew:

Angela was an experienced stewardess hailing from Beijing.  During her time with the airline, she blossomed into a young lady of beauty, poise and elegance.  She was packing her belongings accumulated over the years to go home for good as she recounted this story. 

Angela was rostered for a Sydney flight.  Much to the crew's chagrin, it was a day flight and the passenger load was full.  There was a lack of stewards so Angela has to fill the role of a galley steward.

When the flight took-off, requests for food and drinks from the mostly Australian passengers came pouring in.  The crew were kept on their feet fulfilling orders.  Between service, Angela wanted to rinse a water jug.  In her fatigued state, she drew boiling water from the heater instead of running the tap, scalding the back of her hand in the process.  She let out a startled cry, which brought her supervisor to her aid.  Immediately, he rendered first aid.  The IFS and captain were notified.  Angela was relieved of her duties for the rest of the flight and put on the next flight from Sydney to Singapore.

On her way back to Singapore, Angela's scalded hand worsened.  The raw skin started to peel.  Upon landing, Angela rushed to a renowned burn centre for treatment.  Within a few weeks, the scald healed with a jagged scar over it.  Although crew management disallowed Angela to return to flying due to the unsightly scar, she was ordered to undertake a mundane job at the crew control centre, pending review if her scar would fade.  

Every working day, Angela had to face the eyes of operational crew.  Some were genuinely concerned for her but their intentions were often misconstrued as being nosy or patronising.  The mundaneness of her job and the crews' probing eyes became unbearable.  Furthermore, Angela came to the acceptace her scar would require long-term specialist treatment to improve.  Even so, there was no guarantee the crew management would reinstate her to flying.  With a heavy heart, Angela made the difficult decision to resign and return home for good to heal inside and outside.   

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