Sunday, July 26, 2015

One reader has this to say too

There was a crew who was very, very frugal.
He did not join anyone for meals.
He would not have any 'cargo' bags so as to avoid contributing to tips.
He would bring his trusty sanyo cooker.
No, not instant noodles but healthy foods.
He would buy broccoli, potatoes, fresh prepared fish.
Cooked them in a little water like steaming.
He ran 10K almost every night stop as exercise
By the time he was an LS he had bought a townhouse in a very ulu place.
He paid the bank slowly and the townhouse area soon became a very popular place
to live.
He bought it at below $100,000 and after 15 years sold it for close to $850,000
He is still flying as an IFS now.
He has more rental properties ( all fully paid ) than SC NG and Dennis.

No rolex
No car
No maid
No smoking
No alcohol
No women
No Prada
No dogs

He blends into the crowds very easily.
Do you know who he is?


BA stewardess said...

Boring crew no fun to fly with. Is money all that important?
Get a life man!

Anonymous said...

Exactly,agreed with BA crew.His name...Joe...Stingy Poker...

Anonymous said...

Life is short so enjoy while you can