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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Girls in the cockpit making announcement

John looked frail and he must be in his late 70s. I saw him in a supermarket recently. John was  a retired captain.  I remember this captain well because there was a case against him on one of his flights. The story was based on a report by one of the cabin crew against John.

Captain John was a nice and fun loving crew. He would often invite female passengers into the cockpit on long sectors to break the monotony of work.
On one flight ex an Australian port, John had a few female passengers in the cockpit. It wasn't unusual in the old days to have passengers in the cockpit. But this was one flight with a difference.
One of the passengers took the pilot's public address handset and playfully made an announcement which was heard by the other passengers. Many passengers were shocked that the captain allowed this type of mischief in the cockpit
One of the cabin crew felt it was his responsibility to report Captain John to the company. Under present condition John would have faced the sack but in those days things were much more lenient.
Capt John got away with a warning from his boss.

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Junior reporter said...

Cabin crew has developed a culture of reporting.

Everything report... it gets very silly sometimes.
Tons & tons of paper used to report very mundane things.
PA too loud, report
Temp too cold /hot report
Toilet flush u/s report

They make themselves out to be idiots.

People are hired to be reporters.

Anonymous said...

All these assholes write these things to cover their own ass. Everything that happen is other ppl fault except them. They are brought up thinking that 'so long as got VR, company wont call u'. Some old foggies even tell nimpeh that when clear CIQ, you can bring in 'anything' so long as you declare. Nimpeh ask them so can declare drugs and firearms and jus bring in huh? Bunch of imbeciles

Anonymous said...

The CC who reported the pilot over this incident had done the right thing. Commanders sometimes forget that their authority at 35000 feet is not absolute, albeit the archaic rule of comply and complain. A Malaysian newspaper recently published a report of a MAS FSS who took the commander to court for offloading her without good reason. She had sued him for abuse of authority, caused her immense anxiety and emotional injury. The Court ordered the commander to compensate the FSS MYR20,000 plus loss of income.

Anonymous said...

Those old school 744 pilots still think they are gods lor. They are more rude than their airbus counterparts

Anonymous said...

LKY once say these drivers have a ego problem and promise to crack some heads if they try to be kwai lan