Monday, July 13, 2015

Singapore Airlines (SIA) Cabin Crew Recruitment

Interviews will be conducted on 2 August 2015 (Sunday) at:
Sheraton Towers Hotel
39 Scotts Road,
Singapore 228230

More details here


Anonymous said...

BT, u know why is it on a sunday? and i saw that registration shortened from the usual 2pm to 12.30pm.

Boh Tong said...

Holding it on Sunday due to venue availability issue.

Anonymous said...

Sheraton will be packed on a sunday with wannabes who wish to be part of the glamours life of flying. Let me repeat myself glamours life. Naive these younglings. Oh well we all once was naive till we saw the reality n asked ourself is this the life we want so we stay or should we go.
Many stayed many left, those who stayed grew out of the fantasy of flying those who left just couldnt believe what they saw was a nightmare.
Younglings who wish to fly think hard before trying out dont waste your time and dont waste ours if u cant take the heat