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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Stay or quit? Go for the interview first lah

Anonymous said...
Sheraton will be packed on a sunday with wannabes who wish to be part of the glamours life of flying. Let me repeat myself glamours life. Naive these younglings. Oh well we all once was naive till we saw the reality n asked ourself is this the life we want so we stay or should we go.
Many stayed many left, those who stayed grew out of the fantasy of flying those who left just couldnt believe what they saw was a nightmare.
Younglings who wish to fly think hard before trying out dont waste your time and dont waste ours if u cant take the heat

I would like to take a bit of time to comment on the above by a reader. There are many things that one wishes for in life may not turn out as expected. Take for example in a marriage. Before committing yourself you may think she/he is the right partner for you but after a while you may find you have made a mistake. So what happen next? You either live together for the rest of your life in misery or get a divorce. Still your second marriage (if you decided to plunge in again) may not be guaranteed a successful or happy one.
Another example is the case of a pilot. He graduated as a doctor of medicine but later on found he does not like practising medicine. He made a switch and became a pilot.

Those wannabes fall into the same category too. After getting into the airlines some may find that being a cabin crew may not be their cup of tea while others may find that flying is a joy.
Personally, I think it is fine to go for the interview first and secure their so called dreams
and later decide whether to stay and quit.
From what I know many are happy flying with SIA.


teletubbies said...

Not everyone can or want to be an engineer, doctor, nurse, teacher, soldier, FX trader, economist. statistician.

Each of us have talents, gifts that we may not know of.
Until we discover that, its a hit or miss.
But there are some jobs that will require you to be as compliant, obedient,and not to think too deeply. Flight attendant is one, some others are waitressing,housekeeping,receptionists,

The sweet attraction is standing lunches at 35,000ft and walking to Manila & back.
And oh... you get to wear extreme make up, stockings and perfumes. Buses & MRT is no-no.

Some of us really find that so exciting that we view it as totally awesome & glamorous.

( pppsssttt! these are the ones that everyone in STC loves... twinkle in their eyes and la-la land for the next 10 years! dont wake them please!)

Anonymous said...

The job was never glamarous and did not originate from cabin crew. It started out as a a public opinion, got circulated and today still remains as a misconception. Similarly, the stainless containers used for serving soup to PCL psxs have been known as soup timbals. They are actually known as soup tureens.

Thanks to BT for his analysis of the job. It is factual, accurate and old fashioned which is good.

Anonymous said...

QATAR Airways has been reported to have displaced SIA for business in Europe. See Fares on SIA are too high and lacking the standard of infight service in the good old days. Bloggers have come out strongly on certain issues about our Cabin Crew, in particular, on the use of Singlish and sounding more and more like Ah Lian and Bengs. It is a fact that the ME airlines are now ahead of SQ. Contrary to public opinion that their fleet is manned by Muslim pilots,they have mostly foreign cockpit crew similar to those that can be found in SIA.

To this day, caviar, a delicacy available only in PCL continues to be sore point amongst our premium travellers. Hardly enough to go round. If SIA is really serious its PCL service, each pax should be given a jar of caviar. It's time that we put a stop to this madness of apologising and writing VRs. This is the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

down the hole it goes... along with AM & their fiefdoms
frog in slow heating water... so slow that management dont
realise the significance of the change. Only bcos their focus
is cut costs, but yet want top grade manpower... it ai'nt gonna happen.

Bye SQ... you can wallow in past glory..

Boh Tong said...

The crew will be grounded if the "crime" committed is serious but NOT serious enough to be sacked.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

Qatar and emirates already moved forward by being the hippy&trendy airline, Qatar is proud sponsor of soccer giant Barcelona. Our middle mgt aka gods in the office still living in denial thinking opening toilet doors for pax is still service other airlines talk about.
Focus is give crew demerit points, call you lim kopi when you have MC exceed 7 days, catch crew use facebook....and more n more LOL...from evey month service buzz, can clearly see our CC run out of ideas already ...

Anonymous said...

Brain dead, dead wood, defunct, totally devoid of new ideas and waiting time to retire. The economic mess in the EU was caused by the PIGS : PORTUGAL, ITALY, GREECE, SPAIN.

Anonymous said...

Look at the mess at NOL.....not a good model to emulate.