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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Style mau kala tidak apa"

These 3 neckties are from my collection

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, as young stewards we were expected to wear Christian Dior, Lanvin or Armani neckties for training or during night stops when required to do so. Any lesser known brands were "prohibited" by our seniors. We were told to have some "class" and not to wear cheap ties as it would not be good for our image. If we were to wear so called "inferior" ties for functions, the seniors would cut our ties.
As for the briefcases we carried on flight, they must not be anything lesser than the mighty Samsonite which was the "IN" thing back then. I once had my Made-in-China briefcase kicked by a senior on my flight that the handle was damaged. In order to please my senior, I was forced to buy a Samsonite from HKG after the flight.


Anonymous said...

Yah, the union was useless in preventing all this.
The seniors were given wide latitude to impose their
idea of 'class'.

The rules was to have dark coloured bags with no obvious
brand markings. This laid open to all sort of ideas from
the seniors. Some insisted on Baily, LV, but how in the
world could the juniors afford it?

And more interestingly, how did the seniors afford it?
Selling duty not paid whisky, brandies... consignment perfumes from HKG??
Gambling at Golden Nugget? smuggling contraband into JKT?
smuggling gold into KTH?

People now can afford these before they join the airline... unless the crew
originated from some small town in East Malaysia, India, Korea.

Anonymous said...

WTH this is down right bullying and should hv been reported. Make him pay for the damage. Hope the young ones nowadays are brave enuf to stand up for themselves against this type of unreasonable behavior. On a side note, class is NOT the brand u wear but the style u carry yourself ._.

Anonymous said...

Why must wear those ties when training? Why couldnt you wear the ties provided by the airline? Also why must wear ties during night stop?? What kinda logic was that? Anyway, those ties look great!

Boh Tong said...

During training we do not wear company's ties but wear our own ties. During nightstop when we visit night clubs or posh places with some of our seniors we were encouraged to wear ties.