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Monday, July 6, 2015

Whole life scared of ghost

His head is full of white hair and at first I couldn't recognised him. The moment he called out my name I suddenly remembered that voice. It was the voice of an ex colleague Wee (not his real name).
I remember Wee with fondness because I've always enjoyed his company.
There was one incidence I will never forget about this guy. The place was Hong Kong, many years ago when he was my leading steward. We flew from SIN and stopped in HKG for 2 nights.

We went out for dinner with the rest of the crew on the first night. After dinner and some grocery shopping (coke,beer, tit bits etc) Wee invited himself to my hotel room. He did not join the crew for the movies.

In my room, Wee made himself comfortable. He opened a can of beer and started to drink. I turned down his offer of the beer and instead drank coke. We chatted,joked and watch TV. Wee smoked like a chimney and I joined him for a few sticks of cigarettes.

It was late, almost 2 am and I was tired and sleepy. "Let's call it a night,buddy" I told Wee. "Oh my room is 2 floor down and it's quite a long, eh... is it ok if I bunk in with you?" he sheepishly asked me. Since my room had 2 single beds, I extended the invitation.
Wee smiled gleefully and without hesitation took out a small crucifix and a tooth brush from his pocket and placed them on the bedside table. I was surprised by his action and asked him.." You mean to say  you have planned to share room with me?"  " Yes " he replied with a cheeky smile on his chubby face. " You see I am scared of ghost la and I can't sleep a wink if I am alone in my room" he told me in a serious tone.

That day after almost 45 years later, I asked him whether he was still scared of ghost and his reply was " Yes".

I have not seen nor met Wee all these years because he had left the airline and work for another company.

There was one senior cc who liked to share room with us junior stewards. We would try to "siam"  or avoid this one because he would use our toothbrushes... yucks!

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Anonymous said...

Yucks that senior crew who used ur toothbrush may hv some wicked intention. Maybe he had some diseases and wished to spread to others. All sorts of ppl in this world....