Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2 interviews in Aug,so desperate for Indonesian gals meh?

Application Details
We will be conducting a recruitment exercise for cabin crew in Jakarta. If you meet the following requirements, we will be pleased to meet you at our walk-in interview.
Date : Saturday, 8 August or 29 August 2015
Venue: Service Quality (SQ) Centre Indonesia
              Wisma Asia 15th Floor (access via basement)
              Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav 79, Slipi
Registration will be from 9am to 12pm
To apply, please visit

Frankly from my experience all those 35 years with SIA, I did not find the Indonesian stewardesses (IDFSS) any better than our local girls. I do not understand why would we want to recruit them when the Singaporeans are dying for the job. What has happened to our "Singaporean first" policy? The puzzling thing about employing these IDFSS is that they are being deployed on all international routes similar to the our local girls. Most of the IDFSS' spoken English is not up to expectation. Perhaps the reason to employ them is to strengthen the spirit of  ASEAN co-operation. If this be the case then my sincere apology for being critical.


Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

Mr BT, i think Singaporean first policy doesnt even exist especially in our coy. It should be C&G first. Many of our local boys wanted to be pilots but who they rather employ?
Look at the promotion list, the fastest that get promoted are Singapore boys or not?
Highest flyer IFSS IFS usually are singles or not straight. So what kind of message coy trying to tell you? You want promotion you better sacrifice your offdays with your family to join ECA and do courses on your offdays whereas our very best elite govt tell us to spend more time make babies. In fact i think should be another way of recognition:
Make 1 babies 1 point, make 2 babies 2 point, do reservist 5 points go thru army 5 points

Anonymous said...

Haha got one batch the top in English was an Indonesian gal. In general I still agree with u that Singaporeans should be given first priority. But not many SG gals really want to work lah. Nowadays their parents are well off enough to sponsor their holidays or they also travel regularly even if they are not crew so flying round the world is not much of a big deal to the young anymore. Those SG gals who came this year are not up to standard but no choice also they just take the best of the worst. Some with looks and eloquence are rejected bcos of obvious tattoos.

Anonymous said...

Yes, being a stewardess was a big thing 20 years ago.

Its no longer a "to die" for job. Not so much as the work, its
more that the glam factor has waned. Glamour has evolved into something
more than just looks and place.

Flying as a crew is definitely not "the place" anymore.
Flying as a passenger in J or P class is now the place.
The destination to go for is Bucharest, Praque,Lisbon.

Places where the hordes of PRC and Singaporeans dont go.

But there are still many people here in Asia that have yet to catch up,
so being a stewardess is still an aspiration. For most Singapore girls, its passe.

Even guys hesitate to mention that their girlfriends are working as crew.
Its more chic to have a GF working in investment banks, media.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you. Dont even dare tell people me and my wife are ex crew. Dam sia sway.

Anonymous said...

It is not only the Company. Our culture is too deeply entrenched in the archaic age where cabin crew are still frowned upon as kopi kia and kopi ah sor. When a residents living in a landed home come across a crew in the same neighbourhood, they start feeling pins and needles all over, as if an intruder had been spotted. But when a tycoon listed in Forbes has no formal education, it's perfectly fine. Typical bloody narrow minded Singaporean attitude.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to feel sia sway about. Be glad that you have achieved mission accomplished status. The homeless crew, laggards, stamp lickers, toilet polishers and retardants are the ones who ought to be weeded out. SIA is now paying the price for talking down at its employees for too long, favouring the work permit holders and remaining steadfast despite all the hue and cry from its workforce. It is evident that it knows what is wrong and worse still, has chosen not to take swift corrective action. These interviews that we are all reading about are not a good omen. It simply means that they are hell bent on hiring and firing.

Anonymous said...

Generally,the Indonesian girls are better than the China girls in many ways.Proficiency in English,humble,pleasant by nature than the China girls,most of them have poor command of English,arrogant and have attitude problem.
Just observe them and try talking to them and you will know.

Anonymous said...

thai crew even worst lo..