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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Aircraft toilets---the stories and things that actually happened inside

We start of with the toilets in the good old Comet 4 Jets:

The 2 toilets in the first class section were used for cabin crew take-off/landing seats. The actual crew seats were unsafe for the crew because they faced the galley containing beverage containers etc.
The waste bin flap in the economy class, once raised, would allow you to see what went on inside the toilet.

The Boeing 707 toilets:

They were also used for storing of plastic ice buckets for take-off/landing.
As a junior steward, I was once made to redirect passengers from using
a toilet which my chief steward was inside with a lady passenger.
Sometimes, you might find gold bars stored in certain unusable compartments.

Boeing 747 toilets:

The last 2 economy toilets (right at the very tail end of the a/c) were large enough to accommodate 2 people quite comfortably. It wasn't rare to find passengers having fun inside especially during the night flights.
On a few B747s, the toilet doors rubber linings were ripped off so one could witness what's going on inside especially during night flights when the area outside the toilets were dark.
One chief steward was caught sleeping in a toilet during a night flight by his crew. He was nicknamed the "Sleeping Buddha".

A colleague of mine put his hand into the toilet bowl and retrieved a diamond ring and returned it to its owner. Another colleague placed his Rolex watch next to the wash basin to wash his hands and forgot all about it. He never did get his watch back even after making announcements over the PA.

The toilets secret compartments contained small airtight plastic bottles for the crew to scribble messages during a hijack situation. The bottle would then be flushed into the toilet bowl to be retrieved by the toilet waste collection truck at the tarmac.

There were other stories which I can't recall at the moment but the above would suffice,at least for now.......anyone with other aircraft toilet stories?


Anonymous said...

One ifs flushed a pax passport down the toilet after taking all his money

Boh Tong said...

Yes I forgot to mention about that one...thanks!