Thursday, August 20, 2015

Inflight review: Tata-SIA Vistara premium economy: A320: New Delhi – Mumbai

My one gripe — the plastic cutlery, feels very cheap, especially considering this is the premium economy class which is double the price of regular economy. By comparison, my earlier morning flight from Bangalore to New Delhi on Jet Airways, a full service competitor to Vistara, used proper metal cutlery even in their economy class.

Almost all the cabin crew were former Kingfisher Airlines.

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Anonymous said...

A grand take off for Vistara on its inaugural flight UK890. It is obvious from the videos that the TATA Family has a big influence on the business life line in India. Incidentally, 890 can be seen as August 9. From the little that has been flashed over the videos, one cannot leave the channels with a good impression of their fluency in the way that their leaders speak the English language. Absolutely fluent, crisp and specific.

Anonymous said...

QANTAS has announced a profit of $982 million some days ago. Its share price has surged over 200 per cent. The flying kangaroo has made its return to profitability at great strides that leave its competitors gasping in surprise. SIA's performance on the other hand, pales in comparison.