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Saturday, August 22, 2015

No love lost for this man..part 2

I have this nagging suspicion that my union rep betrayed me over the captain's case. I suspect xxx did inform him of his decision to renew the captain's contract. But of course when I complained to the union rep, he told me he would pursue the matter which he did not.
Guess what happened to the union rep? He was promoted to a managerial rank a couple of months after my case.

Another case was that of a trainee steward. He was not truthful with his declaration during the interview process. Half way through the training, HR found out about the trainee's failure to declare something he did when he was a minor. Even after cabin crew management's appeal not to sack the trainee, xxx issued an immediate dismissal. The trainee was so grieved that he committed suicide.


Anonymous said...

OMG suicide??!! How cruel

Anonymous said...

No obituary recorded. He died of the dreaded cancer. RIP

Anonymous said...

He jumped from the 14th floor of HDB flat next to the old queenstown driving test center.

Although SQ is not responsible for his death, there were many others whose lives were shattered
because of misdeeds in the past or during their employment with the company.
The embarrassment, shame these people went through could have been managed better.
A business the size of SQ have the resources. It is a moral and ethical duty as civilised employers.

Too bad. Managers are more concerned with department KPIs, which of course does not include morals & ethics.

Opportunities to humanise the workplace lost.