Friday, August 21, 2015

No love lost for this man

Ali is still working with SIA. He recognised me and moved over to my table. We were at Ikea cafeteria having lunch. " Mr xxx the ex SVP of HR has passed away, did you hear about it ?", Ali asked me.  I was surprised xxx has passed away as he was an exercise fanatic and was in good shape the last time I saw him.

I could vividly recall a meeting I had with xxx regarding an expat captain's behaviour on a flight. Present at the meeting was my union representative, xxx and I. We discussed about the captain's misbehaviour and we were assured by xxx he would not extend the captain contract when it expired in the coming months. We took xxx at his word.

A few months later we were surprised to discover the said captain had his contract renewed. We approached xxx but he denied giving us the assurance of not extending the contract. When pressed further he demanded for the "black & white" that he had made such assurance. Of course there was no minutes of the meeting. We left xxx's office feeling cheated.


Anonymous said...

xxx dracula's batchmate?

Anonymous said...

He as SVP HR while dracula was DCC.

Anonymous said...
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Boh Tong said...
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