Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Retirement age of workers to be raised to 67

Currently the statutory retirement age for workers is 62. However, when a worker reaches age 62, the employer is required to offer re-employment contract of at least one year up to age 65. Soon the 65 retirement age will be raised to 67  to help mitigate some of the effects of the current tight labour market.
This is good news for the cabin crew executives (AMs included) in the cabin crew office. I bet 100% of them will take up the offer to retire as late as possible. The retirement age extension will save them from being employed as security guards,housing agents, taxi drivers or some low paid jobs.
While many of these older workers rejoice at the prospect of  retiring late, many cabin crew I spoke to are not happy having to tolerate these "dinosaurs" for another few more years. They would prefer these "dinosaurs" leave as soon as possible for 2 reasons:

  • "Dinosaurs" have their old habits of doing things eg: being petty and punitive
  •  Depriving the crew of their promotions to the CCE grade
Resentment aside, the "dinosaurs" will have a chance to work with the airline till they "drop" rather than leaving at 62 and be employed as you know what.


Anonymous said...

They should look forward to retiring early to look after the grand children and not stuck in the office much to the dismay of the cabin crew.

3 years junior flying said...

Big fat pay sitting in the office and thinking how and who to catch posting in facebook while we cc has to slog on board. Make small mistakes and get clobbered by dinasours

Anonymous said...

Their entire lives have been spent working in 1 company.
They know not what the outside world is like.
Everyday is a routine, a ritual they have to play out.

Go early, buy coffee/tea, smoke
Go toilet, spruce up a bit, clean teeth.
Sit at desk, boot up and look busy.
Go through MC list, probation list, recontract list, promotion list
( whatever is in season )


If a department has these people, where do you think the business will end up?

Anonymous said...

Where else can they go to? Even those who have obtained a degree on their own are not doing well. Not sure if these graduates have earned enough to claim back their tutorial fees.

Anonymous said...

Those flying grandpas and grandmas should be asked to go at 45. Lao kok kok liao still wear jacket and kebaya. See liao also no appetite to eat those BTC Pcl meals

Anonymous said...

Just do London flight. Flight Stewardess was sick with the flu coughing / runny nose and so forth. During the rest period she take the first shift and use the bunk. The second shift crew not dare to rest as afraid will get her flu due to close confinement.Ask her why she sick must fly. She say doctor wanted to give MC but she reject afraid ranking drop to one per cent of her cohort and cannot clear probation. Lucky did not infect passengers. Second rest crew did not rest and violate mandatory rest period. This is how the system is.

Anonymous said...

PAP style....
all about statistics, numbers...
ratio, percentages.

"As long as I ( the cce ) achieve MY KPI
you die your business.."

How you handle your own health thats your problem.

Anonymous said...

Nobody ask the 2nd crew rest idiots dont go for rest. They choose not to go. Bo need to scared of germs etc. Germs and bacteria are everywhere around us. If so easily get infected, doctors will be on MC daily cos they always get infected. Stupid crew

Anonymous said...

The issue here is that management can be very picky about
behaviour. They create rules, institute demerit point systems
to punish behaviour that affects results of their KPI.

So, you see a doctor who wants you to go on medical leave.
But either you decline or you do not submit the certificate.
There are various reasons why you would continue to work.
All are associated with the demerit point system.

Although the system allows you to go on medical leave up to 21 days..
without any repercussion,the practice is very different.
Just like procedures on board, there is a manual. But we adjust to suit
circumstances, the management will use the medical leave as a point of
reference in promotions, contract renewals. Even form a bias opinion.

The philosophy, thinking is very, very punitive with self interest at its core.
There is more destruction of good and creation of bad.

3 words for management:
- Divisive
- Destructive
- Demotivate

Anonymous said...

Crew tells you they reject MC as they are afraid of dropping to bottom of cohort, don't believe what they say, it's simply because it's a LON flight (good LMA, 2.5 x IFA)... would be a different story if it was one of those least preferred flight.

Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of a Malaysian stewardess who had a habit of reporting sick whenever she went back to her home town. She was called up one day by th office where she was told that the air in Penang must be very polluted. Staff Travel was then asked to stop issuing tickets to her.

Anonymous said...

By and large staff who are wily and able to twist the system to their favour are no different from staff who identified as 'stars'.

It takes brains to 'game' any system.

Why then institute a punitive demerit point process just to capture these?
Can the entire division be brainy enough?

Here is the root cause, the bias, discriminating perspective from managers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Nobody ask the 2nd crew rest idiots dont go for rest. They choose not to go. Bo need to scared of germs etc. Germs and bacteria are everywhere around us. If so easily get infected, doctors will be on MC daily cos they always get infected. Stupid crew


What a brainless comment. Period.

Anonymous said...

This shows the kind of quality cc has at the moment. Bunch of assholes flying in the air.

Anonymous said...

Surprising enough these r the assholes Sq hire, dumbfounded and a bunch of wankers. But then again mgmt believes they know best and when it bites them in the ass, they act blur like sotong. Come on if you want to keng to smartly some of the cc jokers just dont know how to play the game.

Anonymous said...

You are hired based on these qualities:


Anonymous said...

Uncle BT wheres the post on the SQ scandal?

Boh Tong said...

I removed it because the couple already suffer enough.

Anonymous said...

Too late bt saw the pics and video over at tumblr. Someone really hated them.

Anonymous said...

On tumblr? this must be juicy so where can i see it?