Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SIA Giving Away Tickets in India’s Tough Market

Singapore Airlines Ltd.’s premium Indian carrier Vistara has resorted to free tickets as intense competition and low fares add to the task of wooing passengers.

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Anonymous said...

PAP MPs are giving out rice to residents renting HDB estates. This is not new and has become a standard ritual during the election season. These gobblocks have become passive from failing to come to reality that we are in the 21st century and not in the sixties anymore.

TohGM, now the CMO of Vistara seems to have followed in the foot steps of these idiots in white. India is not like Singapore. It would not be a bad idea to replace him with a Eurasian or a female. His time as CPM was dismal.

Anonymous said...

CCO. He has a speech disorder. His tongue is short, has grown fat and is certainly no match for the many Indian mgt staff who are gifted with an eloquent tongue. Better call it quits, like what the former CFO of SIA had done.

Anonymous said...

Vistara looked very promising when it started out, and so was it was the same feeling of euphoria when SIA acquired a 49 per cent in Virgin Atlantic. The price tag????? 600million pounds. It was sold to Delta for a paltry USD185m. Incidentally, Delta achieved a record profit of USD3.5billion recently. American mgt strategy is to seize an opportunity when it knocks. It came true like a prophecy.

Like to know more?? VJ Mullaya, Chairman of Kingsher Beer pulled off a stunt when he launched Kingfisher Airlines. He is a native of India and a high profiler. His airline is in deep trouble with unpaid debts. When Coke asked to open a plant in India, they were asked to reveal its formula. Now what is going to happen to this ikan bilis now giving out free rides??

Anonymous said...

SIA is blind to make him the chief of vistara. He can't even handle his LON staff and the cabin crew how could he be in charge of Vistara. Sure die one!