Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sick,ungrateful and miserable cabin crew

From the numerous comments in this blog one would conclude that there are many unhappy cc flying around. Unhappy but still want to stick to their jobs. These cc are either ungrateful or could not find good alternative jobs outside of SIA.
Well this is not a strange phenomenon. This happened during my time when I was a cc. There was a steward who complained about the cc job and the company and told many he wanted to quit but stayed back and retired 35 years later. He is now retired and still badmouth SIA. Unhappy is not the word to describe such people. They are sick and miserable!
The world would be a better place or at least SIA will be better place without these wretched and negative minded people.

The following are signs of unhappy,miserable and negative people:

  • They are critical of everything and everyone except themselves
  • They will try to influence others with their negative view points
  • Are envious of other people's success
  • Can't stand happy and positive people
  • Badmouth those who disagree with them
  • Having low esteem without realising it
  • etc etc....


Anonymous said...

BT most cc are normal happy people.

Boh Tong said...

If most cc are happy ppl then why don't they
say so??

Snowy Beagle said...

Most normal happy people occupy their time quite meaningfully and won't say anything unless asked directly or personally.

Even if they browse this site and see all the grumblings, they may opt not to speak out because situation differs for everyone, those unhappy must be allowed to vent without being contradicted, and nothing the happy CC can may will change the situation for those who are not happy.

Anonymous said...

How are you going to deliver good service when your outlook
is disappointingly negative?

Anonymous said...

Hi. So those cbl examples are staff who like to bad mouth the company? How are they (cbl)like leaders? Unreasonable? unsympathetic?

Anonymous said...

Or are u referring these bad mouthers are those who leave the cbl names, and other negative comments like crew useless etc etc

Anonymous said...

Get rid of cbl crew and i am sure the overall morale and inflight service will improve. But please start from the top cbl people from the office particularly the old assistant managers with fat salary.

Anonymous said...

they're still banging table during pre flight briefing huh? thought no more already