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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hell hath no fury like a "woman" scorned .....

Jack was a good looking guy and so was his "girlfriend" Victoria. They have been dating for 2 years and passionately in love. At one time, Vic wanted to be a stewardess but Jack refused and threatened to split up. Not wanting to lose her beloved Jack,Vic went on to become a school teacher.

Now a year later without the knowledge of Vic, Jack attended the last cabin crew interview. He heard from his friends there were sexy and beautiful stewardesses with the airlines and with his good looks, Jack was told he could have a harem of seductive and raunchy stewardesses if he too become a steward. Jack with one go passed all the rounds of interview. This time he had to tell Vic the truth about getting the job of a flight steward.
Of course Vic was jealous and could not stand the idea of losing Jack. She just wouldn't want him to be a steward. She threatened Jack she would kill herself rather than losing him. With all the assurances from Jack that he would never leave her, Vic was not convinced. They ended their relationship with a big fight in which Vic was badly battered by Jack.
Jack moved out of the apartment he and Vic shared. He rented a room near the crew training centre.
Jack was looking forward to having fun with the stewardesses once he graduated from training.
But Vic wasn't going to let Jack have his way. She had something up her sleeve.

All along Jack did not have a diploma which was a prerequisite to becoming a steward. He had submitted a forged diploma certificate to the airlines. Now, with vengeance in her heart, Vic emailed the airlines concerning Jack's forged certificate.

A week into cabin crew training (just last week), Jack was summoned to the manager's office. "I have bad news for you Jack", the training manager told Jack. "You have been dishonest by submitting a forged certificate for this job and we had no choice but to report you to the authorities" she sternly warned Jack.  He begged her to let him resign from cabin crew and not report him to the manpower ministry.
The manager told Jack she had no authority to let him resign but instead will leave the matter to HR department.

Jack was instantly sacked from his job and is now detained for questioning regarding the forgery. Forgery is a serious crime and if found guilty Jack may end up with a hefty fine or imprisonment or both.

BT:  Earlier on someone related this story to me. Vic was going around asking the email addresses of the management people whom she wanted to report the forgery. I was also asked for the email addresses but I didn't want to give as firstly, I doubted the story and secondly, if the story was true I do not want Jack to lose his job.
The story has been tweak a little bit for some personal reasons.

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