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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Where art thou my "Top Ten" IFS?

The term "Top Ten" was coined by the junior cabin crew. It referred to the most "notorious" 10 Inflight Supervisors whom they considered as demanding, bitchy, strict, unreasonable to work for. Many junior crew would try to avoid working with the Top Ten by reporting sick or giving away their flights even if those flights were the high yield ones (more allowances).
These dreadful Top Ten were in the airline since time immemorial. Whenever, one of them retired or left the airline,there was always someone else to replace them.
However, these days we would seldom hear the crew mentioning about the Top Ten. These supposedly notorious leaders has since faded into oblivion. But why?....possible reasons:

  • The management is subtly encouraging the use of  the UFS (Upward Feedback System) by the juniors to give feedback on the IFS.
  • The advent of the internet and the social media. Junior crew could effectively use them to whistle blow the IFS of any act of dishonesty, wrongdoing etc...
Just within the last 2 years, 3 IFS and 2 CS & CSS were either reprimanded,demoted and sacked due to the so-called feedback from the junior crew to the management. It is also the degree of support and encouragement that management gave the junior crew to whistle blow the seniors that scared the daylight out of them. 
Therefore, in order to survive, the IFS and senior crew have now become more "tamed" and "subdued", much to the delight of the large number of junior crew. These days the junior crew are the ones who call the shots.


Anonymous said...

Top 10 IFS ( SCS) 1980-1990 not in order

- Jimmy Ho ( toilets, shoe polished )
- Jayasegram ( drinks order, cofee tea order SIN-PER-SIN )
- Mohd Ali ( hot towel fanatic)
- Mohd Kassim
- Aziz Bazrel ( salutation & recognition focused )
- Goh T T ( tow hong... newspapers fanatic)
- May Sherrief ( saftey leaflet in seat pocket fanatic )
- Johnny Sim ( movie cartidge fantaic)
- "Mad Max" ( Juice after t/off, meal + CBJ before landing SIN-HKG-SIN)
- Michael H Teo

I think most of them have mental issues.

Anonymous said...

Hi BT,

I've been reading your blogs and some of the comments and I jut wanted to give my support to you and also leave my thoughts here as a comment. One particular set of comments regarding "passion for flying" caught my attention. People just misuse freedom of speech to just throw hate and backlash at others without evening considering or giving any regard to the others who might be reading it. Some have passion for flying because of how fascinating it is to be in mid air traveling thousands of kilometers over the vast ocean and reaching your destination all while feeling at home inside the aircraft. It is very interesting how the environment on the other side of the metal (outside the aircraft) while flying is freezing cold and deprived of oxygen yet you are up there in the air enjoying your journey to your desired destination. People have passion for something because they feel very fasinated and interested by something so much so that they want to be part of it in some way. For example take Doctors, it's not that they love to cut people, see tons of blood and be exposed to horrifying diseases and accidents but the fact that they are able to save people with their knowledge and skills gained from all the difficult studying and exams. They have passion to serve and cure people and find new medical advances to serve people better.

My point is, I hope people will leave constructive positive criticism that is helpful and not just talk for the sake of talking. Empty vessels make the most noise. Your blogs are helpful to many to understand what the job of being a cabin cre demands and thank you BT for sharing your knowledge with us.

Anonymous said...

Empty vessels make the most noise. Tat exactly describes you. Write so much also dont know wtf are you writing about.

Anonymous said...

Mr. BT, could you kindly do a blog post on a updated 2015 version of the SIA interview process and what interviewers nowadays tend to look out for in the candidates?? Would be very helpful for us hopefuls.. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Yup I do agree with the comment above regarding the updated interview process and it would also be nice if you could post on what actually happens during the 4 months training in detail in order for us to know what is installed for us after the tedious interview. Thank you!! :)

Boh Tong said...

Visit this link for interview tips :

Anonymous said... many free BT for the class/tips prior to your interview.people also need to eat free free...when u get the job...every month u buy BT makan????

Boh Tong said...

" many free BT for the class/tips prior to your interview.."

BT: Hahaha u r so rite cos I wanted to say at first but paiseh leh :-)