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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

$600 lunch for's no big deal to this ex-IFS

How often do have a colleague or ex-colleague buy you a $200 lunch without any string attached?
Today, I have the privilege to have lunch with an ex IFS at the Angus House. It was arranged by a retired chief steward whom I know well.
I wanted to foot the bill at the end of the lunch but the IFS insisted on paying as he was the one who invited me and the CS.
What struck me  besides the treat was that he told me he visits my blog twice daily,once in the morning and the other before he retires to bed.
The other thing that I am truly impressed with him was that he drove to my place and pick me up for lunch in his huge expensive car.

Thank you Mr Generous and remember it will be my turn to treat you the next time.

Photos of the lunch here

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