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Thursday, September 10, 2015

A chat with former Singapore Airlines stewardess

Today, I had the privilege of meeting the charming and amicable former SIA stewardess Ms Tan S.J. as well the opportunity to interview her about her past occupation as a flight stewardess. Ms Tan flew for a while and left SIA not long ago to pursue another career. In the video, she talked about the pros and cons of flying as a cabin crew. She also told me she would not have resigned from SIA had she been granted her repeated request for her no pay study leave.


Anonymous said...

More crew should let BT do thsi kind of interview so we could get a wider perspective of the job of the cabin crew. Whay say you?

Anonymous said...

She is quite positive about being a cc unlike that spoilt brat Hilary who badmouthed SIA after she left the airline.