Thursday, September 24, 2015

Away from airline stuff and now talking about the haze

Photo (top) taken from my apartment

Image credit : Knight Frank

The haze was super bad with a PSI reading of 224. Naturally, the non air conditioned or open hawker places would be void of people but when I visited the Thompson Plaza mall the place was almost deserted. Mind you today is a public holiday being Hari Raya Haji. This mall is usually packed with shoppers and diners on weekends and public holidays.
I was with a friend having the KFC. From the above photo,you would have noticed the KFC joint has less than a dozen diners.
After having our meals, I brought a few pieces of KFC home.
According to the relevant authority, the haze will not completely go away until end November and that would be another 2 months from today.
The haze may go into the hazardous zone once the PSI crosses into the 300 mark.

Image credit: NEA Singapore

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