Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Blacklisting of cabin crew wannabes

Many cabin crew hopefuls have asked me whether SIA resort to blacklisting its candidates. I can't give a definite answer because things may have changed by now. During my time, we did put some people on our black list.

Who were the candidates on black list?


Those unsuccessful candidates who argued or demand the interviewers reason/s for booting them
Those who does not have the looks eg. crooked uneven teeth, bad skin, too skinny or fat
Those who had previously passed the interview but failed their medical checks.
Unsuccessful candidates who badmouth SIA
Other reasons best known to the interviewers


Anonymous said...

If the candidates with bad skin managed to get rid of the problems and now have flawless skin, will they still not get selected since previously they were blacklisted for bad skin?

Boh Tong said...

I hope they will remove these people.

Anonymous said...

What if those flawless skin people who got selected start having breakouts once they started flying?

Anonymous said...

I heard the latest interview abit fat fat and not good looking also selected? Heard one guy look liek abtm the lobang also got in lol