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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Emirates versus SIA, a comment from a reader

Totally agreed with BT!! After reading this post, I would like to share my recent travel experience with Emirates and Singapore Airlines:

I travelled to Sydney on Emirates Economy Class, night flight. I was very impressed by the service as the stewards and stewardesses were very cheerful, smiling and very welcoming. The flight was really very empty, yet there were I think around 6 cabin crew in my section of the economy class. I think because it's night flight. The food was great, the stewardess was very helpful when I asked her or the adapter to charge my electronics and they had FREE WiFi!! The whole journey was very enjoyable. When I asked for white wine, they gave me the entire bottle and guess what I paid only around SGD$380 for my one way ticket to Sydney through Emirates!!

On the other hand, my return flight was booked on Singapore Airlines Economy Class (I left Sydney after 35 days) and paid around SGD$700.. The whole flight was packed, only 1 stewardess and 3 stewards to serve every single one of us (at the economy class area where I was seated)!! They tend to forget passengers request for drinks or other stuff because there are too many of us and just 4 of them.. Except for 1 steward the other 2 were probably in their 40s and the girl should be in her 20s.. They did not smile and they were running around to attend to as many passengers as possible.. But what made me angry was when I wanted to use the lavatory, the cabin crew locked it because the flush was broken or something but did not put any signage on the door.. I was waiting outside the lavatory for 10min (no exaggeration as I kept looking at my watch) I badly needed to pee and it felt like my bladder was gonna explode.. The cabin crew saw me waiting from their tiny work space where they were chit chatting and having some drinks after serving us with our breakfast and did not tell me, not even once, that the lavatory cannot be used and they even closed the curtain so that!! I was waiting outside for so long thinking someone was inside and finally I lost my patience and moved the curtain and asked the steward standing if anyone was using the toilet and if he could check what's wrong then he said oh the flush is not working so we locked it!! I'm like WTF!! Can't you see I've been waiting for the damn toilet for so long and you even had the cheek to go close the curtain (of course thought this in my head lah coz my bladder was too full for me to stand and fight).. Asked which other toilets can be used then I walked over to the other economy class side, waited for 5min there and finally used the toilet.. Seriously very bad service!! You have no idea how hard it was to control my full bladder for a good 15min with so much of pain from all the tahaning!! I almost peed myself..

Just from this 1 trip to Sydney this year in July I experienced 2 completely different services from these 2 airline company's cabin crew.. I'm just sharing my experience that's all :)


Anonymous said...

Agree fully. I have similar experience. When you fly SQ you are served by Singapore girls. When you fly EK you are served by miss world. Emirates hire cabin staff from all over the world. I have been served by EK crew from Poland, Czech, Slovakia, MY, China, Canada, Croatia, Romania, Greece, India, UK, Spain and more. Food was excellent.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! I mean if SQ is going for complexion and looks, it's still picking the cannot make it people!! Emirates has better cabin crew, honestly..

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to add this to my experience, I paid so much more for my return SQ ticket but it did not have free WiFi like how Emirates did.. I honestly loved the crew service from Emirates and enjoyed my whole journey a lot!! I wish the travel time to Sydney was longer so I could have enjoyed the service on Emirates longer.. For SQ I kept checking the time to see how long more before I touch down in SG.. I was just hoping to land as soon as possible..

Anonymous said...

1 good flight and 1 bad flight does not sum up what the inflight service is like in general for the respective airlines. If I were to draw a conclusion base on just 1 experience, i.e. identifying you as an individual from your post, then I would label you as a whiny little nag who's just hoping to get a bang for your buck.

look at it this way the Emirates flight was "very empty". By definition, which crew would not be smiling their way to Sydney because of the ease of the workload. Emirates ticket price is dirt cheap, they give free wifi and offer white wine by the bottle, yet they are unable to draw customers to travel with them.

SQ charges almost twice for the same route, no free wifi or wine by the bottle, yet the flight was full to the brim. That means somewhere something is still being done right. Also take a look around at the passenger profile for a Sydney flight in the future on SQ and draw your conclusion from there. It is never a loved flight for the crew but they still give their utmost best to satisfy the never-ending demands and expectations.

Fyi, Emirates stay 2 nights in Sydney when they get there which gives them amble time to recuperate for their flight back, whereas SQ crew sometimes stay as little as 12hrs, barring any delays. I'm not helping them make excuses but factoring in the travelling time to and from the airport and the time they have to get up, it does not leave much for them to get a decent sleep.

Lastly the bit about the toilet, there is always a practice and a definite need to have a sticker decal stuck on the toilet door for a broken toilet, not only for service but as a safety aspect to ensure passengers do not use the toilet if say the waste flap is damage or the lavatory emergency call button is not working. What could have occurred was that the sticker may have fallen off or you weren't able to spot it. The area of the plane that the toilets are usually located are also the only place with adequate space for you to stand and stretch your legs, which the crew probably thought you were doing. They DID NOT draw the curtain at your face to turn a blind eye to your plea, but simply because they were having their meals and they do so in private confines of the galley away from public eye. You've never stepped into a top notched restaurant or any quality food service venue and caught the staff eating in plain view of the other diners there have you?? Same logic applies here.

Be nice to the people who serve you. The aircraft may be a flying tube in the sky with limited resources, but you will be surprised at the wonders that the crew can do to make you feel special and leave you smiling from ear to ear.