Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Every job has its challenges and so is cabin crew...from a crew's perspective

Seriously??? U want to be appreciated? U want to be loved? What else u want? U want me to come to your galley and feed you too? Should i tuck you in for crew rest? Wake up man all of you. This is the reality of life. Not only us in Sq face this. Everywhere else in the working world also has this problems where their hard work isnt appreciated by their bosses. Or their clients giving them a tight deadline on project completions. But whats different for us is, the plane will eventually land and doors will open. 
Every job has challenges. Sadly for us is having to be on our feet for long hours. And we are paid to do so. Its not like we are doing it for free. I admit it can get tough. But dun over exxaggerate la until no place to sit or cannot sit. Some people have nice bosses, some crew have nice leaders or ifs who will tell u go take a sit for awhile. Its not their fault if rest period oso u choose to watch movie or cannot slp. So lhr flts 13.5hrs. Mandatory rest 4 hrs. U work 9.5 hrs what. Ifa abt $330. U calculate ur actual workin time of 9.5 hrs u get abt $35 and hour. U not happy wit the job u try find a job that pays better per hour rate lor. U think outside world execs who earn 10-20k a mth dun work hard meh? U think they got no stress? U think their ceo everyday sayang them ah? Be realistic la. Ofcourse coy could have done better with our lma. I have to admit its horrible. But this world isnt fair and life isnt perfect either. Be happy with what you have. Some people save their whole life just so they could go to paris. You can have 1.5 days in paris for many other times for free(RMB NTH IN LIFE IS FREE.YOUR HARD WORK TO PARIS IS THE PAYMENT FOR THE TRIP)
And to the junior crew. Be grateful for this era. I have to agree people like Hilary are whiners. Your seniors and my seniors includin fs/fss 20,21 and some 22 series went thru much worse phase of learning than u. They've been chased out of the galley to stand at the door while others work cause they were slow. They've had breadrolls thrown at them. And many other things that seniors will know. And u still see these fs/s surviving. Ur leaders these days are so nice sometimes u take advantage of their kindness. But ofcourse there are very good junior crew as well. So let this matter rest. Nth will change. U dont see on waves marvin tan commenting about this matter havent u? Im sure he knows abt tis. But he chooses not to care. So why shud we. Enjoy the nice flights we have. Forget abt the bad flts. 
Safe flts! 


Not so junior after 6 years


Anonymous said...

cc ho mia still whine like dogs

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior:

wa this person say until got dragon got tiger..
since when 2000 series got bread roll thrown at them and chase out of galley?
Dont take old timer story apply on yourself la.
At most is sacrifice rest period to prepare or learn if your work not good nia..
but this sacrifice rest period to learn thingy also die of natural death.

Anonymous said...

Bread throwing stopped at the 54 series. Sld be in the 90s. 20 series started the email to sabo the senior crew if I remember correctly

Anonymous said...

During BT era there were flying saucers but that was 50 years ago hehe

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

yes I think so, the first big sabo case is the milk case, i think is by 2000 series

Anonymous said...

Why whine so much cc. The company doesn't even wants to increase yr allowance. Wants more link flight to India and etc. Company still trying to squeeze cc more. Just do the normal can liao. No need to soar or go extra mile. It's not worth it. Motivation comes together with monetary rewards. If can do minimum even better. The coy don't even care abt yr survival. Why sld u cc care for the mgtment kpi.

30 yes flying

3 month old junior crew said...

Seriously, I don understand why would anyone be complaining so much abt SQ? Im not with SQ, but it's subsidiary. We do turn-around everyday, 20 days a mth! We usually only have 2-3 crews for EY-150pax and we work till landing every day. Flight time are short and we have to work really fast.

If we are not even complaining, why are you? If you cant take the job, leave and get an office job earning $2.5k a month, mon - fri 9 - 5pm!

Anonymous said...

You donno, just shut up. Don't anyhow bull shit la. LHR got 4 hours mandatory rest? Since when? No need to do 2nd service ah?