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Sunday, September 20, 2015

In response to "Emirates versus SIA...."

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Image credit: Emirates Group

1 good flight and 1 bad flight does not sum up what the inflight service is like in general for the respective airlines. If I were to draw a conclusion base on just 1 experience, i.e. identifying you as an individual from your post, then I would label you as a whiny little nag who's just hoping to get a bang for your buck.

look at it this way the Emirates flight was "very empty". By definition, which crew would not be smiling their way to Sydney because of the ease of the workload. Emirates ticket price is dirt cheap, they give free wifi and offer white wine by the bottle, yet they are unable to draw customers to travel with them.

SQ charges almost twice for the same route, no free wifi or wine by the bottle, yet the flight was full to the brim. That means somewhere something is still being done right. Also take a look around at the passenger profile for a Sydney flight in the future on SQ and draw your conclusion from there. It is never a loved flight for the crew but they still give their utmost best to satisfy the never-ending demands and expectations.

Fyi, Emirates stay 2 nights in Sydney when they get there which gives them amble time to recuperate for their flight back, whereas SQ crew sometimes stay as little as 12hrs, barring any delays. I'm not helping them make excuses but factoring in the travelling time to and from the airport and the time they have to get up, it does not leave much for them to get a decent sleep.

Lastly the bit about the toilet, there is always a practice and a definite need to have a sticker decal stuck on the toilet door for a broken toilet, not only for service but as a safety aspect to ensure passengers do not use the toilet if say the waste flap is damage or the lavatory emergency call button is not working. What could have occurred was that the sticker may have fallen off or you weren't able to spot it. The area of the plane that the toilets are usually located are also the only place with adequate space for you to stand and stretch your legs, which the crew probably thought you were doing. They DID NOT draw the curtain at your face to turn a blind eye to your plea, but simply because they were having their meals and they do so in private confines of the galley away from public eye. You've never stepped into a top notched restaurant or any quality food service venue and caught the staff eating in plain view of the other diners there have you?? Same logic applies here.

Be nice to the people who serve you. The aircraft may be a flying tube in the sky with limited resources, but you will be surprised at the wonders that the crew can do to make you feel special and leave you smiling from ear to ear.

In response to this post


Anonymous said...

A very positive view shared by the reader.. Thanks for posting it BT.

Honestly SIA is facing amidst tough competition... You can read their annual reports to know.

EK is known to be flying undercapacity and making losses on certain routes. But because they view by regional market share, losses are also often offsetted. Not to mention UAE govt has been directly supporting EK financially that they can even afford to bleed money. Did you know that EK's fuel is heavily subsidised because UAE are an oil producer?

We can see how SIA Flight 21 was discontinued. I mean, the bottomline is SIA has to remain profitable. On the other hand, Emirates prioritises much more on market share in Middle East & Asia Pacific.

I've been a loyal flier of SIA just becaues they are our national carrier. I have met my share of rude crew. There was one incident where FSS was a total bitch (tuarnaround flight stress I guess) and slammed my cup of warm water onto the table, spilling all over me and walked away. After I feedback to the LS, he was apologetic, switch her to a different aisle. I was impressed by the service recovery. Just wanna say that there may be one out of a few crew or experiences may not be up to standard. but not all of them are like that.


Anonymous said...

I have strong sneaky feeling this post was written by a SQ cabin crew for sure. The post referred to was was just a experience shared and it was stated there plus the person did not force out any conclusions. Why get so worked up over a passenger just sharing their journey's experience? In fact labelling someone whiny just because they wanted to express how they felt shows how narrow minded and judgemental you are. If you really want to defend the crew just do so without labelling people and without sounding so agitated because there's nothing to get angry over. We all have good and bad experiences and customers always have the right to express it. It is very common to see many such posts online. Confirm the post above is from a SQ cabin crew and lol I feel you're whiny too as you're whining over a small post of someone's travel experience.

Anonymous said...

Haha National Carrier who nowadays prefers hiring more FT crew than our dear Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

BT, any idea or do you think that SQ might go back to the period of time where they desperately need more crew due to their minus crew and dropping standards that they start hiring even overweight, people who do not have a diploma, no flawless complexion or even people who are 157cm tall, anytime soon?

Boh Tong said...

Definitely not cos SIA can recruit people from foreign countries which they are doing now eg stewardesses from Indonesia, japan, China etc.

Anonymous said...

Yes. On the pretext and excuse that they cant find suitable sinkies for the job.
Crew for FT and toilet cleaners / AICs for sinkies!
Way to go SIA!

Anonymous said...

Yeah sia confirm this post was by a SQ crew. Haha who knows maybe the crew who served the passenger and told them that the toilet was unusable!!! Lol... I mean I like how the post fully defends the crew and puts the blame mostly on the passenger..

Anonymous said...

What's the point of SIA being "OUR" National Carrier and calling the crew "Singapore" Girl when now majority is not even our SG girls. Why those FT cannot find job with their own National Carriers uh???!!! Please lah where can believe one, confirm they coming to SG just for the money then their country airline hiring who sia???!!! This is just bloody messed up...

Anonymous said...

Their own airlines hiring the better ones la while those who cannot make it come here and join SIA lor. Just like our locals who CMI with SIA go and join budget airline or sime foreign airline.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to the crew who serve on SQ, honestly their service is dropping due to flying with minus crew and that's being reflected through the drop in their share prices.. SQ needs to start hiring proper crew like seriously!! Stop hiring FT lah sia

Anonymous said...

The drop is service standard is attributed to the fact that seniors (those 55 series and below and not 2000 series hor) have stopped teaching and correcting those weaker ones alrdy. This is a climatic fear of being backstab or written in or being called 'seow on'. Slowly the loss in knowledge resulted in the current service standards.
Nobody bother to correct, or share the best ways of doing things. Just follow what the book tells us to do and all will be safe.
As for the issue of FT, dun blame SIA cos crew are to blame as well. Keep whining and kp abt the workload, benefits etc. So company decided to replace us slowly.
As what Papigs say- dont be xenophonic. Lets welcome these so called talents with open arms. Issue them EPs and PRs and let our loser GS marry these FTs

Old staff said...

The "knowledge" that many seniors speak of is not difficult to acquire.

Much of the skills is sharpened through hands on experience.
You can only learn so much from theories and wet runs.

The seniors should not waste their time in "sharing".
Just focus on your immediate area of work.
Give instructions, follow through, provide feedback.
This notion about "guiding your juniors" is designed for entrapment.
If subordinates fail, it is because of their own volition.

Sharing is charity. Dont be charitable.
Managers are not charitable

Always remember what is the minimum education requirement for this job.
Including all the various ranks. No rocket science here.

Ex crew for 35 years.

Anonymous said...

BT, do you think the SIA interviewers tend to take in more people towards the end of the day than the beginning as they might feel that they would like to see if more suitable candidates might show up at the later part of the day therefore be a little stingy at the start then loosen up a little??

Boh Tong said...

I don't think so la.

Anonymous said...

Basically can means can la. If cannot make it, even if slot u in right in front or the last one also wont get in.
Btw why so hard up to be a waitress in the sky?
Dying to get in now and cant wait for the bond to end once you started flying.

Anonymous said...

SIA employs foreigners as crew because they tend to work longer, as most locals with higher qualifications leave after serving out their bond. The downside in recruiting foreigners is that their standard of English is lower. Attitude-wise, the difference is not much between a local and a foreigner. During the initial 3 months' training, most of the foreigners pick up the bad habits of the locals. One cannot deny that the supervisory crew is no longer upholding standards because of the fear of being reported by the junior crew.