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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Krisflytim, a frequent visitor has this to say regarding response to crew's compliment

It would be good if "the airline" could at least send in a word of compliment acknowledged/ thanks. From what I have read in forums, "it" responds to complaints very fast, but what about compliments? I sent in one a month ago and still no reply... till this day. On the contrary, even our public transport operators respond quicker (within 1 week)! Even a Qatar airline customer service officer was pleased to hear of my compliment when I called the Singapore office to speak of my nice experience with that airline.

Complaints help to remind an organisaton that something is wrong; but compliments serve to genuinely recognise the good service by the staff in the organisation too. If "that airline" can at least send in a letter of acknowledgement for a compliment, it would help the writer know that the staffs' effort is duly recognised.

But on the other hand... if compliments go unanswered, the passengers would be left thinking;
"Why should I waste the effort to write in when there is no appreciation by the company?"

Compliments and Complaints are equally important. Hope "that airline" can appreciate them both.


Anonymous said...

Is "that Airline" SIA?

Anonymous said...

Yes it was SIA

Anonymous said...

SIA is less efficient these days. It is slow to pat the staff on their backs for a job well done but quick to tick them off if they do the wrong thing. I am sure there are others like Krisflytim who were ignored when they wrote to compliment the staff.

Anonymous said...

Being an ex staff of SIA,when I wrote to compliment the crew,on several flights,no reply from the management at all!

So I stop doing it now.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to compliment the crew 2 years ago on their excellent work but I did not have a reply from SIA. Think they must be having a long snooze.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bohtong,

Any comments/thoughts regarding the frequent recruitments by SIA on cabin crews? Would like to hear your opinions on the (almost) monthly recruitment of cabin crews by SIA. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Not the mgt fault most of the times the ifs do not submit to mgt. Either genuinely forgot or ... too much trouble? idk. Now the procedure is the pax must login to.compliment the crew, i doNt think most pax will remember after their flight or bother to do that unless is their friends .

Boh Tong said...

The attrition rate in cabin crew is high. Around 1 to 1.5 % leave every month. That comes up to about 100 crew (total population is about 7,000). Attrition= resignation,contract not renewed, retirement and dismissals.
To replace the crew, SIA has to recruit as often as possible.

Anonymous said...

Complaints are in the KPI
Compliments are not.

Management's view is that getting compliments is a given,
a duty and its expected. Nothing exceptional... therefor
not wasting time, effort to inform crew or staff.
The KPI is for the executives.. and for that reason the frontline
staff will be involved, informed etc.
That means the behaviour, actions of the frontline staff affects the
executive's measurement of performance... and sometimes bonus too.

Since compliments are not in the KPI... no one gives a damn.

So simple... singapore style.

Anonymous said...

Similarly with the SPF. I emailed them regarding a motorist using his handphone while driving (almost caused an accident),giving all the details like vehicle number, time, the name of the location but I have yet to receive feedback after 2 years.

Anonymous said...

This part of singapore general work culture it takes years to get a pat on the back for a job well done but it takes seconds when u screw things up.