Tuesday, September 8, 2015

One accused me of being negative and a shit stirrer.

Anonymous said...

Can't find jap speaking cabin crew lah. its sad you're so negative.

Amongst cc AOs at stc, youre always talkedabout during lunchtime - bt is notorious for stirring shit without getting a clear picture. No wonder you got uninvited people for a gathering that time.

Blogger Boh Tong said...

"Can't find jap speaking cabin crew lah. its sad you're so negative...."

Can't find jap speaking cc??? Some jap wannabes complained to me that
your buggers are choosy and bias and one even told me she was disappointed
with sia and vowed never to apply for the fss post again.

Stirring shit?? you buggers are to blame cos u gave a lot of shit for people like me to stir.
Clean up your shit so no one can stir!

Uninvited people at my gathering??.... those were cheapskates who did not pay for
my talks and want to ask for advice on how to get into your airline...no difference
from you buggers.

Me negative??? hahaha I am the most positive guy around. People talking about me?? That's good
cos I am a celebrity.

Above accusation arose from this post.

A disappointed Japanese cabin crew wannabe sent this email to me:


Anonymous said...

hi mr boh tong,

are japanese/ foreigners allowed to attend walk in interviews in singapore? i am from indonesia/ singaporean PR but was told to attend the interview back home (indo) despite growing up in singapore.

is there anyway i could apply in singapore?

Boh Tong said...

Foreigners are not allowed to attend the interview in S'pore. However, since you are a S'pore PR SIA may (I said "may")allow you to attend. No harm attending this coming Saturday interview in S'pore isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir, I was just wondering how the Japanese who emailed you was able to attend the one in Singapore as I tried walking in before, but the lady said only Singaporeans or Malaysians are allowed, and proceeded to line them up orderly :/