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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SIA cabin crew recruitment in Jakarta, Taiwan and Singapore. Details at this website .


KrazyLovely said...

Hi BT I've a question to you :) Wanna know you better.. Hope you'll reply :)

You were an IFS before.. Just wondering how will you handle your crew and pax if you overheard this incident that your crew forgot to serve pax request?

Thanks in adv :)

Boh Tong said...

I will do service recovery example: compensate the pax with a service recovery voucher so he/she may buy some of the products in the inflight sales. Will brief the crew concerned as well as the crew-in-charge of the zone (we call him/her the complex leader). Will also make a note in my voyage report to the company in case the pax lodge a complaint.

Old Timer said...

As an IFS BT will take the incident seriously. Looked like a small mistake but it is unpardonable in BT's eyes and that is why he is willing to issue a SR voucher. Besides this is a business class passenger. BT's action will go to show the remorse he feels because of his crew's lapse. BT takes the responsibility as a crew in charge and I am sure at the end of the day the passenger will overlook the lapse and forgive the airline.
Yes I will do the same if I was the C-I-C.

Anonymous said...

Issuing SRV does not mean remorseful or admit mistake or feel the mistake done is serious.
Ifs issue SRV cos its not from their own pocket but companys.
In addition he dun want the pax to find fault with other issues and be dragged into it. Furthermore the pax might feel shiok already and compliment the Ifs instead.
A real customer service provider will use his mouth and action to recover the pax instead of using SRV