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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What readers say about my blog

Hi Mr Luke,

3 things I like about your blog:

1) You share various things/stories about being a cabin crew such as the life of being one, welfare, salary, bonus and you also incorporated insider info which the public won't get access to. These give me great insights on what to expect.
2) Interactive blog as you will patiently answer the questions from your readers, even for repeated questions.
3) It is informative and updated. You not just share about the things about cc, you also share about other things like news/articles related to SIA. Also, you write pretty often which makes your blog up-to-date and not dead.

3 things I dislike about your blog:

1) Quite hard to navigate to read what I want as the blog doesn't have a label/category which makes searching for specific post difficult.
2) The font used which make reading a tad laborious.
3) There is no side banner that consists of the more popular posts which will ease navigation too.



hello luke,

there are 3 things i like about your blog, can't find anything i dislike about:

1. its highly informative (updates on current gratuity, allowances eg)
2. stories about your past experiences
3. juicy stories about other crews (highly entertaining)

writing, reminiscing and relating one life's experience is a passion. never stop writing and keep up the good work! always looking forward to your updates, especially in new bt.

life is short, do what you like!


best regards,



I am emailing to send some feedbacks of your lovely Blog.

I am xxxxx (Korean) and currently living in Korea, waiting to get a chance to become a cabin crew and join Singapore airlines.
I happened to just be googling about SIA to find out more about the airline, and found out about your lovely Blog.
I have been taking my time to read through your postings one at a time, and its been very very interesting to me.

I would like to say that I really appreciate how interesting and detailed your stories are. 
Especially, very helpful to those who dream of being a SIA girl and gives an objective perspective by informing retirement age to stock prices.
Just reading a few stories, I think anybody could tell how much time and effort you put in them.
I felt that the contents was so good, it should be a must-read for those who dream of being  a C.C.

While reading your blog, I had a suggestion about a change in font style and size.
I had a slight feeling that the font size and style was a little hard to concentrate for a long time.
I think a lot of people would love to spend hours reading your blog and it would be even more pleasant.
Just a suggestion ;)

Also, I thought people would love to see more photos on your blog, just to help understanding.

Thank you

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