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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Who and what are Inflight Auditors in cabin crew?

During the SARS  crisis of  2003 when most airlines were losing money, SIA cabin crew management took the opportunity to bid farewell to its CCEs (C/T).
The CCEs were the most senior cabin crew training and check personnel. There were at least 18 of them that cabin crew management let go. The position of the CCEs(C/T) were made redundant.

Immediately after the CCEs (C/T) left, the company appointed the IFSs to replace them. These IFSs were appointed and not promoted. There is a difference between the two. When one is appointed,one is temporarily "upgraded" to higher position without being paid the deserved salary. Instead, one is paid an allowance and the appointee may be downgraded to his/her previous position (IFS) at the discretion of the company.

At first, these IFSs were known as CTS or Check Training Supervisors but a few years later were retitled as IA or Inflight Auditor.

The role of an IA is to appraise the IFSs, probationary and other cabin crew during flights as well as being the crew's wardleader. The IAs also conduct training of cabin crew of all ranks. In short, the IAs are doing what the CCEs (C/T) were doing for many years.

Why did the management do away with the CCEs and replace them with the AIs?

First, it is cheaper to use the IAs to overseer the crew as they are not paid the CCEs' salary which is slightly higher (CCEs were in the management grade). There is probably a small saving of a few hundreds per IA a month.
Second, the IAs are not entitled to first class travel on SIA whether he/she is on holiday or official business.
Third, the cabin crew SVP who got rid of the CCEs had an axe to grind with them. The CCEs did not show much respect to him when he was transferred to cabin crew.
Fourth, the CCEs were non-graduates as most were from the rank and file. Only a few younger ones were graduates (direct intake from outside of cabin crew).


Snowy Beagle said...


I got the impression that CCEs were in the Administrative Grade, not Management Grade.
i.e., not entitled to upgrade to P/J class for personal travel anyway.

PS: this is a personal comment to BT. Not intended as comment for discussion.

Boh Tong said...

CCEs are in admin grade which is also management grade albeit the lowest.

Anonymous said...

The HOD who got rid of the CCEs had a personal agenda. He had allowed himself to be used by the union whose head also had personal ambition. To this day, this stunted idiot is still determined to run the union even though he is now in retirement.

Anonymous said...

Must be mustache chew with his pet boy verxx who field a not eligible candidate

junior said...

Oh, come on man!

The CCEs were an orphaned lot.
AESU was of no use
SIASU could not help because CCEs crossed the line in terms of salary
( employees earning more than $4,000 basic were not represented by SIASU )

So, what do you want? have your cake and eat it too?
Get promoted into cushy chairs, earn like operating crew and still get higher basic salaries
just to cross out boxes in appraisal forms?

Some just kept their mouths shut except to eat caviar and kobe roast beef.
All chose flights with night stops... you would never get a CCE on board to appraise
crew on a SIN-MAA-SIN sector... ha! ha!
but they all appeared for SQ12 to NRT or LON.. hmmm I wondered why...

Anonymous said...

Well said, junior. Some even did some manipulating so their gf crew can come on the flight. These CCEs were resistant to change. Always gave the same answer - "it has always been done this way." Very few CC were sad to see them go.