Sunday, September 27, 2015

Why is SIA recruiting cabin crew frequently?

Hi Bohtong,

Any comments/thoughts regarding the frequent recruitments by SIA on cabin crews? Would like to hear your opinions on the (almost) monthly recruitment of cabin crews by SIA. Thanks.

This is a good question. Many are wondering why SIA is recruiting  so frequently not only in Singapore but in places like Malaysia,Indonesia,India, China,Taiwan and other places.
The attrition rate in cabin crew is high. Around 1 to 1.5 % leave every month. That comes up to about 100 crew (total population is about 7,000+).
Attrition= resignation,contract not renewed, retirement and dismissals.
To replace the crew, SIA has to recruit as often as possible.
It will take about 4 months to train the new crew. By the time these crew are operational it will be 5 months.
The intake of crew at each interview will vary. There is no quota and so if the qualities of the candidates in Singapore are not up to expectation, SIA may not take in that many. In such cases, SIA will go to countries mentioned above to hire foreign crew.
The current union committee which was elected in April this year is aggressively pressuring SIA to recruit as fast and as many crew as possible.
Many flights are leaving Singapore with less than the required number of cabin crew ( we call it "minus crew"). These shortages have put a strain on the operating crew and is one of the reasons for the dip in the standard of inflight service.

I hope I've answered the question.

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Anonymous said...

So approx 100 per month that comes up to around 1200 per year plus n minus that is around 1500 per year if my maths is right 7000 - 1200 is 5800 if 7000 - 1500 that is 5500
Now ladies n gentlemen that what i call a man power crunch. There is no way in hell Sq can get back the man power they lost.