Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Chief Stewardess fired for alleged shoplifting,another case coming up soon

Perhaps some of you may have heard about the story of a CSS who was alleged to have shoplifted at an overseas station 2 years ago. If you have not then this may be of interest.
I was told the CSS was apprehended by the department store security staff on the second day of her visit. But why on the second day?
It seemed security made a boo boo and missed the CSS on the first day of her visit to the store. After she had left the place and after reviewing the cctv they realised that she took something from the store without making payment.

On her second visit the next day, the security pounced on the CSS. They took her to the police station and made a report against her for shoplifting. Since there was no item from the store with her, the police searched her hotel room. Nothing from the store was found in her room. The police was told the CSS had an "accomplice" with her when she was alleged to have stolen some items.
They did a search in the room of the CSS's so called "accomplice" who was an LSS. Again nothing from the store was found.
Although there was no evidence of the alleged theft, the CSS was detained and hauled to court. We aren't sure whether she was prosecuted or not but when she returned to S'pore, the company fired her.

Recently, there was another case involving a CSS. She was alleged to have shoplifted in Tokyo. I understand her case is coming up at the company's inquiry soon.

The difference between the first case and the second one is that the unionists in the first case did not put up a strong defence to help the CSS. In the second case, the union committee members are more experienced and seasoned and the victim may stand a better chance.
Let's wait and see whether the current unionists are effective or not.


Anonymous said...

I would have thought the Prosecution will need a case exhibit, i.e. evidence to prosecute. As it was, she was not apprehended at the time and scene of alleged crime. She could have said, yes, "I took it with the intention of buying it but, as I approached the cashier, I decided against it and left it at one of the shelf" I am pretty sure the store's CCTV cannot capture every part of the shopfloor.

Anonymous said...

Now its not charged by state court. Its charged by company. Everything is up to the judging panel to say. Most of time, when haul to CI, you are almost cooked liao. All the mgt need to say is- based on the testimony, i am inclined to believe the accused guilty as charge. What can you do? Its entirely up to the person deciding to believe and say what they want. Doesnt mean must need thumbprint, cctv, dna test to convict a bloody screw. They jus wayang and give you a CI to go through a proper procedure to give you a 'fair' hearing so as to indemnify themselves from being sued for unfair dismissal.

Anonymous said...

In this case the css was awol and that was reason enough for sia to dismiss her. Heard she stayed back in jnb for a few days to attend court.

KrazyLovely said...

Hi BT,

For DI / CI, whether under GS Loga or Ratha, SIASU will only fight for employees who are members and pay the $9 membership fees.

SIASU normally won't speak up or put up a strong defence for non-members (not brothers & sisters mah). In the eyes of laymen, SIA might be mistaken as weak/ ineffective by allowing an employee to be terminated - actually they are well-aware there are points they can argue on but they choose not to.

The CSS you're referring to in the first case is a non-member.

Anyway, stealing is usually clear-cut. At least got salary in lieu of notice period for termination lah.. SIA in a way, is not cruel enough not to give Dismissal even though sometimes they can do so based on the conduct...

Anonymous said...

SQ rather spend time & money on discipline & reputation than to improve process & productivity.

When henry siphoned off miilions, SQ paid forensic accounting by the hour. Total bill to recover cost more than what henry took. Face is a big thing with all managers.They have very thin skin.