Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cabin crew of past era (MSA)

The cabin crew of the past era had their fair share of creating bad publicity for the airline too. At that time I was a junior steward and there was less than 100 crew.
I remember one incidence that embarrassed us. It was about the crew's behaviour during their night stop in Perth, Western Australia. The crew involved were more senior than me. They were duped as the "Comet Crew" as only a handful very senior ones were privileged to fly the Comet, a jet plane. One must realised during those days most of the aircrafts owned by MSA (Malaysia S'pore Airlines the predecessor of SIA) were propeller powered aircrafts. The crew were each paid an extra $50 a month as the "Jet Allowance". So it was a big deal to be a "Comet Crew".
The set of crew that stopped in Perth had in actual fact a "vacation". It was a long 5 day nightstop. During one of the nights, the set of crew had a party (drinking and you know what else). Many were drunk and the room they partied was in a total mess. They didn't clean up the mess. The next day the hotel chamber maids complained to the hotel management. Someone called the press and the news was reported, with pictures of the messed up room in the Australian newspapers.
Even if happened today it would be bad publicity for the airline. In the 1960s, it was not only bad publicity but a big disgrace for an Asian airline crew to behaved so badly.

I don't know what happened to the crew involved. I think most were demoted to a lower aircraft fleet like the DC 3 and F 27.

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