Thursday, October 8, 2015

Contributed by my ex-colleague CCE Edmond Tay

I am thinking of the days when crew used to stay in Marunouchi Hotel when we had our one nightstop in Tokyo. The crew were usually allocated rooms that had their windows facing other guests' room 20 feet across the airwell. There were some occasions when the guests in the opposite rooms were making love and could be seen clearly if the room lights were on and the window curtains not drawn closed.
There was this occasion when one of our colleagues GS was invited to one of the crew's room to 'voyeur' the love making. While the few boys were content to view the show from inside the room, GS decided to watch the show at a closer proximity.
He decided to climb out of the window and squat on the one and half foot ledge (which lined continually outside the rooms) to enjoy an unobstructed first class view of the show.
After the show was over, GS decided to return to room through the window again. But the playful boys in the room then intentionally closed and latched the window so that he was unable to come in. In desperation GS had to walk on the ledge, passing the rooms to finally reach a fire escape stairway. He had to descend the stairway barefooted, topless and clad only in shorts or towel, to the side of the hotel. He then had to enter the hotel and walk through the lobby. The hotel staff were both amused and amazed to watch the half naked guest enter the hotel; he had just checked in only about half and hour ago.
Marunouchi Hotel was a small hotel and the staff would notice guests' movements in and out of the hotel. And on this occasion they must have wondered how that guest could come from outside the hotel without first leaving. The boys in the room waited for GS to return. And when they let him into the room, they all had a good laugh. GS, being good natured did not take it to heart for what the boys did to him and the embarrassment he had just experienced.

BT's note: The above story did occur sometime in the late 1960s except that Edmond did not mention GS caught a cold after that incidence. BTW Thank you Ed.

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