Sunday, October 18, 2015

Not only a great way to fly but ...........

No,no I do not begrudge my beloved airline for disallowing me the use of one of their images for my blog. After all like some said that why should a premium airline like SIA want to associate with a "kuching kurup" blog like mine.
I thought it was only decent of me to ask for permission but it's fine with me cos I can always get non-copyright and free images from other places.

I have no reason to be upset with SIA. It's one of the world's greatest airlines and many around the world appreciate it for its services and the pretty stewardesses.
It is a great company to work for and many from all over are dying to work for it.

From cabin crew side, SIA has employed girls as its stewardesses from countries who had and some still is nasty towards us.
It is craving to employ as many stewardesses as possible from a country that keep sending us the dreadful haze every year for the last  18 years. Perhaps, SIA is grateful for the 11 months of fresh air that particular country gives us.
It is also extremely keen on employing stewardesses from another neighbouring country which time and again threatened to turn off our taps and let us die of thirst

SIA does not make much profit from transporting people and goods from all over the world. In fact, its cargo section has been bleeding millions. SIA is just happy to be of service to the people of the world.

Every year, SIA brings Formula One to Singapore. It is F1 biggest sponsor.
So is the $3 million SIA Cup for the racing public. Thank you SIA for bringing these world renowned events to our door step.
We are indeed grateful to SIA otherwise many of us would've missed the opportunity to watch the above events.

Now we understand why is  SIA voted time and again as one of the top 20 most admired companies in the world, ahead of giants like Microsoft, Facebook etc.

For all the above and more, I am eternally grateful to my ex-employer. 


Anonymous said...

haiya they are scared of you writing about their dirty secrets, haha lol

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they are more interested from who and how you are getting confidential information. I guess you being a former member of the company you have many cronies feeding you insider information. Problem is, alot of your blogs have salt and pepper added. what's even worst, our younger co-workers actually think what you write is correct. I'm sure it's a matter of time before the company finds your inside sources.