Thursday, October 15, 2015

S$10,000 (USD 7,140) per month salary for cabin crew?

When SIA restarts it long non-stop flight to LAX and NYC not only will the passengers benefit but the crew as well.
Many cabin crew will look forward to be included in the pool to do these ultra long flights because the monetary reward is excellent. Crew will be paid 3 times the current IFA or Incentive Flight Allowances (for flight exceeding 18 hours duty time).
The IFA for a junior cabin crew is $ 9.50, leading crew $11.10, chiefs $13.20 and IFS $17.20 per hour. If you multiply, say the junior crew's IFA of $9.50 by 3, it will give you $28.50 per hour. The average duty time of these flights will be about 20 hours. If you multiply 20 by 28.50, that will be $570 for a one way trip. On top of this, the crew will be paid a lump sum of $150 to be rostered for such flight.
The IFS will be paid $51.60 for one of these flights. Multiply 51.6 by 20 equals $1032. He/she will be paid a lump sum of $210 for operating the flight.
Therefore, the junior crew will be paid $570 x 2 (operate 2 way) or $1140 + $150 + $600 (average meal location allowances). For operating a 7 day flight, the junior crew is paid $1,890 and the IFS $2,874.
One chief steward told me he used to score about $10,000 per month (inclusive of basic salary and other type of allowances) operating these type of flights.
That said, there will always be a small minority who would not favour doing such long flights due to personal reasons.

For information, each crew will be allotted a 4 to 6 hour rest period on each of these flights in the crew bunks.


Cabby said...

Wish I could be a crew. I work 6 day driving nasty passengers and get only 2.5 k
and cabin crew puay here puay there jiat hong get 10k where is the fairness?

Anonymous said...

Previously when SQ used the A340 for the ULH flights, there were only a few crew that could operate that aircraft, and getting two or more ULH flights a month was easy. Now with SQ using the A350 for the ULH flights, and it seems that the A350 will form the backbone of SQ's fleet (67 on order, looks likely to replace the B777s), you will compete with the whole of cabin crew to be rostered on the ULH flight. Maybe you'll get a ULH flight rostered once every two years? No S$10,000/month.

Anonymous said...

Are you on drugs lately? Think you starting to have delusions liao. Cabin crew 10k a mth er. Svp 40k a mth er.
Like what my mum say- if so good and so true, nobody will wash toilet or collect cardboard liao lo

Anonymous said...

Have to agree that the days when selected people were doing these flights are gone. 350 will be a common fleet and only difference is one can fly further then the other ie based on engine like the 777.200..777-200ER and 77W. All 777 but difference is some are mid range and others long. We should move away from the 2.5 time IFA and hopefull secure a decent good single rate IFA . Also the Tech crew are paid an allowance whenever they fly on certain US routes.Cabin Crew too should look into this .

KrazyLovely said...

Nah, I don't think you're correct, BT. Times have changed and its unlikely to be so much as per your calculations.

There will be a clause which re-calculates in the next Collective Agreement. If its not in the CA, then it will be a MOU.

Anonymous said...

When this lj company buy this new aircraft, you think its like buying vegetables from ntuc huh? They would have calculate all the costs involved to operate and maintain the fleet.
10k per month per crew? Wait long long lor.