Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The danger of flying over Caspian Sea

Recently Russia fired 4 cruise missiles from the Caspian sea supposedly to hit rebels' targets in Syria but instead landed in Iran as claimed by unnamed source.
If the missiles could mistakenly land in their unintended target don't you think that airliners flying over the Caspian are facing the danger of being the next victims?
I am sure airlines have consulted their overflight risk consultants, IATA and other relevant authorities and are given the green light to proceed on their usual routes over the Caspian Sea toward Europe from Asia vice versa.
I shudder to think what would happen if the the missiles are fired on the wrong target again.
MH 17 was also "mistakenly" shot down by a Russian made missile as it flew over Ukraine on 17 July last year killing all on board.

I sincerely hope nothing untoward will happen to those airliners that still persist in flying over the Caspian Sea.

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