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Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Kleptomaniac stewardess

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A Kleptomaniac is a person who is afflicted with Kleptomania, a compulsion to repeatedly steal "worthless" items, such as keychains, panties, stockings and handbags.
According to medical science, Kleptomania is a mental illness that inflict mostly women. It is may be caused by some form of depression.

Jenny was a typical Klepto and she would steal especially during her layover at oversea stations. She couldn't resist the urge to steal from departmental stores, supermarkets etc. She has been stealing or shoplifting for many years and was fortunate not to be caught.
However, her luck ran out when she was in London during one of the long layovers, 3 days to be exact. Jenny was caught shoplifting a bra.

She was handed over to the police and charged. She called her IFS and pleaded with him to come to the police station where she was held.

Jenny was charged in court the very next day and found guilty of theft. She was fortunate as it was a Tuesday. Her IFS paid the fine on her behalf and she was released from custody. They flew back to Singapore on Wednesday.

Till today, her employer does not know about her case. She was lucky to have an IFS who was understanding and helpful towards her.

This case was related to me by that IFS recently.

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