Sunday, November 8, 2015

Many flung the SIA cabin crew interview,asked for help but rude as usual

Many have failed yesterday's SIA cabin crew interview but those who have passed the first 3 rounds attended today's last 2 rounds.
After each interview, I would received emails expressing disappointment. Many told me they possess the qualities SIA is looking for and yet SIA had let them down.
If one does have the qualities SIA is looking for, SIA would be more than happy to employ them. Frankly speaking, many people think they are good and suitably qualified to be employed but they don't realised they were wrong.
One told me that he was an all rounder but was rejected because of his age. He was 31 and I agreed with him he was booted because of his age. He should ask himself (and this applies to the girls as well) why in the world would SIA employ a person of such an age when they could get guys who are in their early 20s and girls who are as young as 18?
Another wannabe told me she was booted because she was 157.5cm tall. Now we all know the minimum height requirement of a girl is 158cm and no less. She should ask herself why would SIA employ her when they could find girls who are taller than her?
A few asked me to reply to their query " as soon as possible". Actually who are these people huh? They are so rude and demanding. They think I work for SIA or what. Want to ask me favour but pressured me to reply to them asap. No wonder SIA kicked these people out. It will be sad if these rude and demanding young people are employed as SIA cabin crew.
One asked me to put in a good word to cabin crew management on her behalf. Hello, I am a nobody ok. SIA does not love me to begin with and that's why they retired me early. The only time SIA may be nice to me is to ask me to remove certain articles I wrote about them. With SIA there is no such a thing as " I scratch your back and you scratch mine".
Many also asked me when am I going to conduct the workshop or seminar to help them ace the interviews. They always ask me this when they are rejected at the interview. Before that I've never heard from them.


Anon said...

You did not hear fr those wannabes before interview. After flunking, suddenly they appear out of nowhere and ask when is your next workshop.
You forget to add- after attending your workshops, you wont get to hear fr these ungrats also. They will disappear to nowhere without a thank you.
These wannabes think too highly of themselves la. If so good, they can find a job in any other airlines also if their claims of 'passion to fly, meet people, to serve' etc is true cos you get to do those shit in budget airlines as well.

24 said...

23 you hit the nail on the head.These wannabes think they are God's gifts to cabin crew and they are so darn good that SQ should take them.
Poor BT after all the hardwork some of those who were successful did not even write him a testimonial nor thank him. Some just "buat bodoh" as thought BT din know they were recruited.
BT was not born yesterday, you know haha!

Anonymous said...

They come here to seek your attention lah BT. Give them your shoulders to cry on.

Hello said...

Hello BT,

I thought you had sought early retirement, not they don't like you lah ;))

Boh Tong said...

Hello...u are correct but if sia liked me they won't release me right?

Boh Tong said...

Give them my shoulders to cry upon?? U got to be kidding. Think i got nutting better to do izzit?

MayDay said...

Hi BT,

(My question is below, just thought I'd recount a little bit on my recent interview experience)

I have somewhat been following your blog for a few years now, often toying at the idea of applying for a cabin crew position at SQ.

After a number of years working since I graduated, I decided to apply for the heck of it. As they say, YOLO.

They were conducting an interview in Kuala Lumpur and it wasn't an open day.

It was invite by application only, and after i applied, i received an email 2 weeks later for the interview.

I was rather optimistic that my slot would not have many applicants, but of course I was wrong.

My interview time was at 10.10am, but when I reached the place at 9.20am, it was already packed to the brim.

There seemed to be hundreds waiting to enter, with more coming the longer I waited.

Anyways, will not go too much into the details of the interview, but I eventually made it.

And here I thought, I'd have more difficulty getting accepted, being a guy and all.

I am now waiting for my medical check up, and just wanted to know, what is the standard checks they do for the guys?

I have no medical history whatsoever, and tend to stay away from doctors, therefore for obvious reasons I find this check up a slight bit daunting.

Also, would you happen to know how long would it normally take for SQ to get back to me on whether I passed or not? Do they normally inform via email? Would they fly me to Singapore to sign the joining form?

Thank you.

Boh Tong said...

Hi May Day,
I think their reps will ask you to sign in KL. They may email you of the result and tell you the date to start your training. It may take up to 2 months before you know of the above.

MayDay said...

Thanks for the info BT,

Fingers crossed that I wouldn't have to wait 2 months to get the news though. Btw, I have also noticed that they have increased the training period. Read that it used to be 3 months, now it seems to say 4 months... Interesting.

Anyways, Happy New Year!